Friday, December 06, 2013

How Do I Create a Life of Joy and Gratitude?

I create with my thoughts.
I delete all thoughts that hurt and increase thoughts that heal.
I choose the live I have and all that I experience.
I listen within and follow only Love and Gratitude.
My mind is my servant and serves only Love and Goodness for all.

I get up early, and watch the sun rise over the lake and the mountains and trees.
I am grateful for each day as I drink my coffee and write to you.
I have silence and listen within.
I seek nothing and remember what I am called to share.

I am here because I choose to be here.
I make oatmeal and respectfully respond to email correspondence.
I see you in my mind’s eye and send Love to you.
I enjoy myself and my life and my partners and friends and those I may not know.

I am glad to be alive.
I am so happy to serve the One We Are.
I am learning from everything and everyone.
I appreciate all I give and have and do and am.

I choose to be where I am, doing what I do with Love.
There is no resistance or regrets in all that I choose.
I freely give and openly receive.
In this, there is Love, Freedom and Trust.

All is exactly as I have chosen it to be.
I see and hear and feel and reveal only Love and the opportunity to share Love.
My life works, because I listen and learn  and love everyday in everyway.
I release all thoughts and beliefs that limit our loving.

I realize that my life is healing.
I recognize that we are interconnected.
I remember that we are here together forever.
I am the Loving Reminders I seek.

I release and let go of anything that teaches limitation and lack.
I erase any words or thought, actions or experiences that generate fear.
I open to the highest truth to hear and share, to receive and give.
I call forth inspiration and dedication to what is good and beautiful for all.

I am active in giving Love, sharing Love, teaching Love and being Love.
I do not wait to get Love, because there is only Love to be given.
Love in action is powerful, helpful, healing and creative.
Life is for living and giving Love.

Every moment is filled with inspiration and gratitude.
There are no unfulfilled promises or withholds.
When I boldly step forward in faith, I have a life that works.
When I step back, I let love lead the way.

I renew myself moment by moment by remembering to Love.
Loving you as I Love one and all,

Betty Lue