Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Give What You Want to Receive

Affirmations:  (See how to use affirmations, below)
I treat myself with love, respect and appreciation.
The more I love, respect and appreciate myself, the more I love, respect and appreciate others.
The more I love, respect and appreciate myself, the more others love,respect and appreciate themselves.
The more I love, respect and appreciate myself, the more others love, respect and appreciate me.
The more I love, respect and appreciate myself, the more others love, respect and appreciate others.
And so it is, my life works as a teaching example for my world.

Give What You Want to Receive.
Receive What You Give.

Teach by example.
Give what you have.
Allow the Gratitude in your giving be your gift to yourself.
Your Essence is enough, has enough and freely shares what is has.

Ego (“Edging Good Out”) or learned personality believes it does not have.
Ego wants to GET what it believe is deserves to have.
Ego gives to GET.
Ego measures and evaluates, plans and manipulates to GET its neediness met.

When we believe we are ego, body and personality, we are taught we need to GET to survive.
We use emotions (usually crying, threats, rage and demands) to GET our needs met.
We usually live in fear of being denied or attacked by someone who needs to GET there needs met.
When we live in this needy, greedy belief system, there is never enough and always fear.

People fight over who gets more money, who has more food, a better home or care, or easier life.
Children fight over who get the most toys, most attention, better grades, prettier hair or clothes.
Business people fight over who has the most customers, better employees or greater profits.
Nations fight over territory, technology, weapons and oil, religion and politics.

There is a belief in “not enough”!
There is a fear of “losing out”.
There is a need to be “ right”.
There is a fear of  being “wrong”, looking foolish, being stupid and being blind-sided.

When we are secure, when we know we are loved, when we know our needs will be met, we relax.
When we trust ourselves, when we realize life is an inside job, when we love ourselves, we are OK.
When we understand universal law, and metaphysical principles, we know giving is receiving.
When we realize we are responsible for the quality of our lives, we begin to choose more wisely.

When we know we can meet our own needs without getting, we give.
When we know we can trust our own inner voice and intuition, we listen and follow.
When we know the laws of karma, we recognize our need to learn, to forgive all errors and choose again.
When we are willing to be responsible for ourselves, we observe and learn, we respect all beings.

When we realize the meaning and value of the “Golden Rule”, we stop trying to change others.
When we respect “Give to others what you want others to give to you.”, we give our best to everyone.
When we treat others as we want to be treated, we begin to identify where we have been withholding.
When we love ourselves and others with Trust and Freedom, we allow everyone to follow their own path.

When we give our best, we teach others to give their best.
When we receive the best we have given, we learn from every thought, word and deed we share.
When we extend peace to others, we are at peace.
When we treat ourselves and others with love, trust, respect and appreciation, our life is a gift.

There is no better gift in life, than to fully and freely give your best to everyone you encounter.
And when you cannot, stop, forgive and fill yourself up with love, trust, respect and appreciation.
You are the captain of your ship, the leader of your life, and the one who holds the key to happiness.
Be awake, aware and tell yourself the high Truth, Give your all and Detach from the outcome.

This is the “high”way to life, the “free” way to happiness and the healing way to Holiness.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Recommendations for All Relationships 
With mates, partners, friends, children, co-workers, etc.

Keep your agreements faithfully.
(Communicate changes honestly and immediately.)

Give more than you expect to receive. 
Do more than your “fair” share.

Receive everything with open appreciation.
Express your thanks sincerely and take nothing for granted.

Live your own life in integrity and on purpose.
Clarify, communicate and live your mission, your path, your principles and values.  

Be responsible for yourself, your work and live your life impeccably. 
Don’t expect others to pick up after you or take care of you.

Stop using, blame, criticism or guilt to control or manipulate.
Stop making demands, threats or using neediness to get your way.

Communicate effectively and respectfully.
Request a time and place and tone of voice that works for both parties.

Be your best self in all circumstances.
Focus always on teaching by example. (and apologize immediately when you forget or neglect.)

Use your time together wisely.
Focus on meaningful, positive and inspiring conversation and activities.

Spend time, money, energy and resources only on what you value and want to increase.
Waste nothing in your relationship.  No arguing, pettiness, emotional dumping or negativity.

As circumstances change, there is a need to re-commit to what works for all participants.
Families need to meet to look at the specific needs of each individual to be at their best.
Couples need to ensure that the relationship is “serving all parties.
Business partners need to return to their original agreement and consider changing roles as needed.

Life requires that we be in relationship.
With respect for ourselves and each other there is open communication.
With responsibility for the quality of our relationships, there is a willingness to seek what works for all.
With cooperation there is encouragement to listen for ways to serve the needs of everyone.
When everyone WINS, the relationships are harmonious, peaceful and enjoyable.


Affirmations are used to clear unconscious programming that tends to guide our thoughts, feelings and behavior. Writing, speaking and hearing us say the affirmation aloud clears the false beliefs through our sense of sight, sound and touch.  It is essential that we keep writing and saying the affirmations until there is no longer resistance to the limiting beliefs.  Affirmations are not to be used to develop a new belief, but only useful to clear false limiting programs.  Once there is quiet, clarity, no resistance, we are complete.

My favorite way to do affirmations is to divide the lined page down the middle.  The affirmation is written on the left side and your mind chatter or contradictory thought is written on the right side.  Then cross off the negative.  Write the affirmation again on the left and listen to your mind chatter and write on the right.  Cross the mind chatter off.  Continue writing the affirmation 20 time and listen for the resistant thought after each one. 
See below my example and cross off everything that is in pink.  I would do it all by hand, so I could cross it off with my pen!!  20 times daily for 14 days or until there is no resistance.  Do no more than three different affirmations at a time.  Things may change dramatically, so be prepared to notice big difference.  Life works when we are willing to do the work.  Ask me for help if you have trouble finding the affirmations that are most effective for you. Always choose an affirmation that you resist, because it will help clear away what is blocking your Good.

They will always feel like a lie in the beginning and you may find great resistance to doing them!!