Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gifts That Last

I receive all the Good I give.
Life is for giving; Love is the Gift.
Every act of giving is my gift of Love.
I Love to give Love, and it always returns to me.

What do you remember about Christmas?
Do you remember the sights and sounds?
Do you remember the laughs and frowns?
Do you remember the joy of giving and receiving?

We are each touched by something different.
Do you remember some special food?
Do you remember singing Christmas carols?
Do you remember when you gave from your heart?

Special moments can be sad and sentimental.
Special connections can be revealing and healing.
Special times can bring memories of helping or hurting.
Special gifts can be held dear or discarded the next day.

Ask yourself what lasts and lingers on for you.
Give what has heart and meaning.
Even when unnoticed, know that your Love counts.
Even when something else was wanted, it is your caring that matters.

There is often so much expectancy, desire and greed.
Often there is comparison and gifts measured for their value.
There may be competition to see who gives the most.
It is up to you to value what you receive for the giving.

When you give, bless the gift with your sincere Love.
When you share, share the best you know.
When you care, care with open-hearted appreciation.
When you dare, speak your Highest Trurh, and know it is Good.

The Law of reciprocity or Karma teaches what you give is given to yourself.
Always give what you would want to receive.
Always share with a blessing of kind appreciation.
Always contribute what has value to you.

My Christmas now is for the children.
The excited expectancy of seeing what Santa has in store.
The joy of opening just to see what treasures lie within the wrapping paper.
I love to be with children who are believers at Christmas time.

We tend to give throughout the year.
When we see a need, we fill it.
Love is our Real Gift.
We listen for the call  or need for Love and then respond with Love.

Loving kindness lasts.
Hugs and smiles and kind words last.
What is received by the heart lasts.
What is given from our hearts last.

Consider not buying things to fill the requests.
Consider giving the best of you with appreciation.
Consider sharing some time and some joy.
Consider letting Santa live in you and through you.

Loving all the ways we Love,

Betty Lue