Thursday, December 26, 2013

Emotions Do Not Tell The Whole Truth

I easily and safely release negativity and choose for the Good.
My mind now erases all that is not wholly true and loving.
I now choose my thoughts, feelings and responses with wisdom and love.
I am clear on the outcome I seek and choose only what works.

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Emotions are meant to be energy signals.
Emotions are energy moving through us.
Emotions follow thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.
Emotions are meant to wake us up to what is bothering or blessing us.

Do not use emotions to make decisions.
Do not use emotions to be your guide.
Do not use emotions to be your Truth.
Do not get stuck with the same emotion.

Emotions are meant to flow when we let go.
Emotions are an experience of what we believe.
Emotions do not need to have a name or reason.
Emotions are like clouds in the sky floating by.

We have been taught by many in the psychological realm that emotions are true.
Emotions are true in the moment, but need not stay the same unless we value them.
When we value our feeling and focus on it, it will stay as long as it is valued.
When we make our feelings “ right”, we tend to justify, explain and hold onto them.

When we allow emotions to lead, they may lead astray.
When we use our feelings as guides, we may be their hostage.
When we think emotions are in charge, we may get confused.
When we make up that our emotions know our truth, we may get stuck.

First the thought, then comes feeling.
First we remember, then comes the emotional experience.
First we have the memory, and the physiological response.
What we think begets the emotional and physical reaction.

Perhaps it is time to choose our thoughts.
Perhaps it is time to be in charge of what we think and feel and do.
Perhaps we are both cause and the effect in what we choose to be.
It is time to erase the negative and affirm the positive to create our experience.

Our emotions can lead us to hurt and grief, anger and regret.
Emotions can tempt us to choose what is not helpful and good.
Emotions can guide us to act in harmful, negative and hurtful ways.
Let’s begin to discipline our thoughts and feelings and activities to for Good. 

An undisciplined mind may lead to uncontrolled feelings and our of control behavior.
A disciplined mind can lead to empowering feelings and positive behaviors.
We are the master of our fate and the captain of our destiny.
Turn over your thoughts to Higher Power and Listen within for Positive Guidance.

If this is helpful, begin to use forgiveness and affirmations to clean up “stinking thinking”.
If you want to do better and feel better, use the power of your thoughts and attitude.
If you want to experience a more positive and happier life, begin to use my 30 day program.
If you enjoy the adventure of letting feelings rule, then forget all this and see what happens.

I know that children have temper tantrums to get what they want.
I know adults get ugly, violent and threatening to demonstrate their passion.
I know that humanity kills in the name of anger and fear.
I know we all can do better than this.

Loving you as you remember and learn to love you and others well.

Betty Lue