Friday, December 13, 2013

Dawning of the Light in You!

Light, Light, More light.
Let my thoughts, words and work be a Light unto my world.
I live in Light as the Light from which I have come.
Life works as I lighten up and celebrate what is.
I am filled with the Light of Goodness and God.

Advent means “coming”.
For me, this is the coming of the Light in You.
Let us prepare for the coming of the Light Within.
Let us shine our light ever bright that all might remember their Light as well.

Everyone has light and life energy within.
We can dim ourselves down by being negative, demanding, needy or dissatisfied.
We can dull our senses with pain-killing drugs, habits, compulsions and destructive activities.
We can dampen others’ spirits with complaints, criticism and lack of appreciation.

In many traditional religions, the dark time of the year is when we practice the return of Light. 
Festival of Lights in Jewish tradition, Winter solstice in Celtic tradition. 
Christmas is the Christian celebration of the return of the enlightened or Christed One.
It is time to stop hoping for Light out there.
It is time to reclaim the Light within You.

Lots of beliefs and practices occur during this season, all of them designed to bring more delight.
This is the season to remember and reclaim the joy and gratitude in you.
What can you do to express and experience more Light and deLight in your life.?
How can you turn up your giving gratitude Light?
 How can you practice what you know to be the high Truth for a Good Life?
What can you give to those you encounter that will bring Joy to you?
How can you contribute to make a difference where you are?
Are you open-minded and willing to do what you can? 

Where is the Light in You?
What can you do to turn on the Light for another?
How can you make this holiday a holy day?
What can you give to make your world brighter?

Give a smile, a hug a thank you note.
Reach out to someone who is shut in, homeless, in foster care or disabled.
Send a card or gift to a soldier overseas.
Make sure you love the ones you are with at home and work.

Express appreciation for those who serve: waitress, garbage man, postman, traffic cop, sales person.
Be compassionate with those around you by listening respectfully.
Be good to yourself with healthy habits of mind and body.
Contribute where you are benefited and blessed with inspiration and education.

Give your best and forgive the rest.
Do unto others as you prefer they do to you.
Honor everyone as they are in their own learning and awakening process. 
BE responsible for your life, messes and all and clean them us quickly with self appreciation.

Some say enlightenment is merely uncovering your eyes.
Why not take a peek when no one is looking.
Notice the beauty and goodness within you.
Then look at the world you see with forgiving eyes.

When you know your own goodness, the goodness in others reveals itself to you.
Be the Light in your world.
Let no one and nothing “endarken” your mind.

I celebrate the Light in you, 
Betty Lue