Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Reminders

(For me everyday is Christmas!)

Give always with Love.
Give only with Joy.
Give Freely with Gratitude.
Give Fully with Peace.
The side effects of Giving are Love and Joy, Gratitude and Peace.

This Day celebrates renewal, rebirth and remembering.
Today invites us to renew our commitment to Give Only Love.
Today offers the rebirth of Hope and Faith and Love for All.
Today encourages us to remember the family of humanity includes everyone everywhere.

I am always loving you and all as One, 
Betty Lue

Lieber/Waldon Christmas Newsletter.

Robert and I co-minister Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood CA. since 2009. <> .  You can find audio recordings and/or see our Sunday talks on YouTube and at this website.
We offer monthly workshops after church for the congregation and East County Community.
We offer coaching and counseling (Betty Lue) and holistic healing services (Robert) upstairs. 
I recently leased our new Holistic Center with five on staff to serve East Contra Costa County.

I facilitate Reunion Center for Counseling, Healing and Growth in Pleasant Hill.
We have 17 professionals serving individuals, families and groups.  See <
I facilitate two biweekly groups there to offer a mind/body and spiritual approach to better living.

We live in a tiny apartment 2 blocks from Reunion Center on the 3 days we serve Contra Costa County.
It works well as our sanctuary and office in our time away from our Reunion Lake House. 
We spend quality time with our grandchildren over school holidays and three weeks at the Lake House during the summer.
Our great joy is to learn with and from these innocent, curious, forgiving and loving teachers.

Our primary home is in Hidden Valley Lake, CA, just two hours from Unity and Reunion.
There we offer a retreat home across the street, the Hermitage, where individuals and families can stay.
See <> for details about the Hermitage. We have guests there on request, but mostly it is a quiet place for renewal in a beautiful safe setting.You can find the application on the website.
We also offer Reunion Retreats for small groups in our home, and they are lodged in the Hermitage.

Our Positive Living Center is 3 minutes from our home on Highway 29. <
We offer classes and groups, counseling and coaching, holistic healing and more with our health providers.
On January 3, we begin a weekly Friday Evening Reunion All Faith Fellowship with meditation and music, speakers and sharing a variety of programs and topics, including drumming, healing, creative expression.
This Center serves County of Lake with its mountains and lakes and a population of only 63,000 people.
The beauty, quiet and dark night skies are inspiring with no major cities, no industry or freeways. Rural with an ancient history. Plus Lake County has the cleanest air in California and very simple living.
The Lake House is our permanent home, even thought we continue to serve in the East Bay and Hawaii.

Betty Lue continues to offer Daily Holistic Renewal and T’ai Chi Chih, a moving meditation and form of Qi Gong at 6:30 AM every morning at the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Annual Spring conference. She facilitates a mid-day integration session for the participants to share and apply what is learned to themselves and their practice.

Our next Hawaii Retreat is April 5-8:“Time for You to Love You” in Kona, Hawaii and all are invited.
Robert and I are in Hawaii usually twice annually for about 12 days. And will be there again Oct. 2014.  
It is our time to write, and vision.We listen within and vision, planning for what is to come. 
This year we join 3-5 grandkids (their first time) and their parents in Kauai for two weeks, Jun 24-July 8, 2014

This year one primary project has been to edit and prepare four books for publication. Healing Reminders, Pocketbook of Affirmations, Family Reminders and Robert’s Collection of Writings (Tao of Robert, Voice Within, Anthology of Love, Serving Littleness and several others).  Relationship Reminders was published earlier this year and is available on <> , both as a paperback and an E-book.

We have a great organic raised bed vegetable garden, plus have begun our small fruit tree orchard.
It is all a grand experiment with nature, since we have not gardened for years and this time, very differently.
Robert and Holly Hand, dear friend and Reunion minister have built two labyrinths, one behind the Hermitage and one at the Positive Living Center. Our Winter solstice celebration included clarifying our gift to our world as we walked the labyrinth in the moonlight and placed our rock around the peace pole.

Life is very full, active and inspiring as you can tell.  We still sit down side by side every evening to read, watch our favorite inspiring and happy shows, holding hands and loving each other well. We continue to eat an organic vegetarian diet, with now almost entirely vegan and gluten free. We are inspired by living in nature and so appreciate our 6AM  2 hr. drive every Sunday to our Unity Center in Brentwood for Miracles Group, Sunday Services with workshop and clients all afternoon. We see clients at both Centers all day Monday and on Tuesday mornings and return to our Reunion Lake Home on Tuesday afternoons.  While it is our routine, there continue to be many delightful diversions and additional callings.

Every morning we arise naturally, usually without alarm clock at 5:30 or 6AM and spend the next 3-4 hours in silence with inner listening, writing my Daily Loving Reminders and responding to emails and prepping for the day. Robert Rides his stationary bike each AM, while reading, preparing the Sunday talk and other activities for the week. Each one of us has our roles to play in daily living, serving and creating without needing discussion.  Our life is evenly balanced, actively serving and always filled with gratitude.

We always love unconditionally, serve from the Heart and Remember God and Good in all things.
We love you and are on call for Good and available if you ever have need.
Life is good because we think, speak and act with Goodness in our hearts and minds and activities.

May everyday be a blessing and learning for you and your loved ones.
It is our vision and prayer that we all awaken to the natural world of whole life balance and Good for All.

Betty Lue and Robert