Thursday, November 07, 2013

What Are You Looking For?

I now choose what I want.
I know what I want and go for it.
I know and love myself and my choices.
I trust and respect the life I have chosen.
I easily change my choices when not true for me.

What do you want?
When you know, you can create it.
When you clear distractions, disappointment, denial, detours and depression, you will find it.
When you become conscious and committed, you will find what you want.

Right Living comes from Right Choices.
Happiness comes from Living your Truth.
Inner Peace creates Healing and Health.
Loving Relationships begin within you.

All these positive truths are available to us All.
When we are unhappy, we need to ask. “What Can I do?”
When we are discourages, we need to seek, “What do I want?”
When we feed unloved, we need to know, “What Can I do?”

We have created blue bracelets to share with others.
The bracelets ask, “What Can I Do?” as reminders. (They are available for you.)
When you ask yourself, you are called to do something.
When you are invited to do something, you get up and move.

Lack of inertia, motivation and intention is a reflection of being stuck.
Complaining and blaming is a limiting habit that stops us.
Making excuses and justifying lack of change blocks our vision.
To have life work, we must first SEE what we want!

What do you want??
Where are you going?
What are you creating, achieving, contributing, serving?
How do you make a difference?

Every year or so, we do our own vision quest.
Sit and ask within, “What do I want to experience 20 years from now?”
What qualities to I want in my life?  How do I want to feel or experience in my life?
When you to 10 years, and 5 years and 2 years, next year and maybe 6 months, 3 months, etc.

The work is to focus on the experience you want to have in your life.
The work is to clear the fear and focus on how you want to live.
The work is to take responsibility for the choices you make.
The work is to know you can always change what you really want.

When we are willing to take full responsibility for choosing, we can have the life we want right now.
We rarely see how the quality of life depends on our attitude, behavior, words and thinking.
When we know we are the master of our destiny, we stop asking outside ourselves for our truth.
When we are open and willing to know and love, respect and trust, our life our way, we are free.

Take responsibility and be free.
Loving you and me, 
Betty Lue

Healing Our Projections => Seeing Only Wholeness 

1.  We perceive what we believe.
2.  We believe what we think we are.
3.   If I believe I am my past, then I believe you are your past.
4.   Believing in my past is to see and live it over again in all I see and do and am.
5.   Believing in your past is to remember it and continue to blame you for it. 
6.  The more I feel guilty about my past, the more I place blame on you.
7.  All anger is my guilt projected onto others.
8.  To forgive my past is to release it.
9.  To release is to see it no more.
10.As I release my past, I release others from my projected guilt and self-judgment. 
11. As I see myself whole, I see wholeness in others.
12 .As I heal my guilt about past mistakes, I heal my fear of the future.
13. To be in the present is to heal (erase) the past.
14. As I live in the present and love myself as I am now, I like you in the present and see you as you are now.

15. In this present moment, there is only Love for ourselves, each other and all that is.