Friday, November 01, 2013

Help Yourself!

I am fully responsible for my whole life.
I think with wisdom, speak with gratitude and act with kindness.
My life works, because I encourage myself to let go of what no longer works.
My life is constantly changing as I change my mind, my words and behavior.
I help myself in creating and enjoying a good life for myself.

The Universe helps those who help themselves.
We are supported by the powers that be within us and beyond.
We experience what we think.
We create what we speak.
We get back the behavior we give.

If we would watch our thoughts and words, we would see what we are creating.
If we would observe our own behavior, in public and private, we would see what we are teaching.
If we were honest with ourselves about what we think, say and do, we would get why we get what we get. 
If we really observed the life we create with our thoughts, words and behavior, we would stop.

To help ourselves, stop asking for help from others who are barely able to help themselves.
To help ourselves, stop trying to get from someone who does not have what you want.
To help ourselves, ask yourself what you really want .
Then invite yourself to choose images, words and action that will create what you want.

When we are willing to take full responsibility for our lives, we see it begins with us.
When we are willing to observe what we think and do and say, we know how we created it to be.
When we are willing to change what doesn’t work, we change our words and thoughts and activity.
When we are willing to have what we really want, we erase the past and choose again.

Be wise and help yourself.
Be willing and look again.
Be open and change your mind.
Be responsible and respond to all things with Love.

Stop the old ways that no longer work.
Erase the programming from the past.
Relinquish feeling guilty or blaming.
Undo what is no longer true for you.

Think with wisdom.
Ask yourself, Is this thought wise, beneficial, true for you?
Speak with gratitude.
Listen for Words of Praise, Appreciation and Thanksgiving.
Act with Kindness.
“Am I relating with helpfulness, love, respect and understanding”

When we truly live with these helpful and effective principles, our lives will transform.
We can change the world one person at a time.
The most important change we make is within ourselves.
Help yourself today to think, speak and act with the highest values you know.

You are helping the world when you are willing to help yourself!
I appreciate your willingness to take full responsibility for what you think, say and do.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue