Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks

Affirmations for you: (Your whole life changes when you change your mind!)
I appreciate all I have and give. 
I love being alive, aware and enthusiastic.
I am grateful for how I love and live.
I thank everyone everywhere for being my teachers.
Life is good and getting better, everyday in every way.

On this the first day of Hanukah, “The Festival of Lights”
Remember to bring Light into this world with your gratitude and Thanksgiving!

Everyday in Every way, Give “Thanks”!
There is no better way to create everyday than with gratitude!
Thanks giving needs to be a way of life, a touchstone, a loving reminder.
When we remember to be thankful, we have even more of what we are grateful for.

So why not be grateful?
Stop complaining and start celebrating.
So much good within and around us.
So much life to live and love to give.

It only helps to be grateful.
Gratitude helps to heal.
Gratitude is good to feel.
Gratitude makes things real.

Gratitude is free to give.
Gratitude is fun to live.
Gratitude is safe to have.
Gratitude is easy to share.

Gratitude is natural to share.
Gratitude means you care.
Gratitude is our way home.
Gratitude we all can own.

What does it take to say “Thanks”?
How much time does it take to write a “thank you” email or note?
How does it lift your spirits to wake up with “Thank you for this new day.
Our “Thanksgiving” changes our outlook, our attitude and the energy we have for the day.

I see gratitude, appreciation and Thankfulness as the key to being truly successful in all things.
The habit of gratitude changes our mind which transforms our emotions and our relationships.
The choice to be grateful (rather than complain or worry) shifts our consciousness to fulfillment.
The attitude of gratitude totally lights up our lives to give and receive always and only the Best!

Giving thanks costs nothing and gives everything.
Appreciation increases everything we truly appreciate.
Being grateful warms our hearts and opens our minds.
Thanks giving is the most effective way to brighten our day.

I am so grateful for you to write to.
I give thanks I am able to share how much I care.
I simply love, love, love you whether I know you personally or not.
For you see, it is always about me loving me through loving you for all you are and do.

Thank you, 
Betty Lue

The more gratitude, the more increase.
The more gratitude, the more blessings.
The more gratitude, the more health.
The more gratitude, the more support.

The more gratitude, the more Light.
The more gratitude, the more Love.
The more gratitude, the more Joy.
The more gratitude, the more Peace.

Trust it and practice it daily.  
Keep up the good and grateful work.

It works, because you do the work!