Thursday, October 17, 2013

Time for You

I create time for myself.
I know what I want and I choose it.
I easily create the life I really want.
I practice forgiveness and gratitude daily. 

Do you take time to be quiet?
Do you give yourself a vacation?
Do you clear your mind and listen?
Do you take time out of everyday to attend to your own needs?

Do you easily respond to your own needs?
Do you write in a journal?
Do you set your goals each morning?
Do you write or speak your gratitudes each evening?

Are you aware of the value of alone time?
Do you understand how important it is for others?
Do you know when you are happy, others benefit?
Are you willing to take a break when you need one?

It is true that your inner peace creates a peaceful life.
It is accurate that what is best for you is good for those around you.
It is a fact that you will be more able to respond when you take responsibility for yourself.
Blaming others for your well being is a sign that you don’t take good care of you.

When we copy those who act out and express our toxic feelings freely, we may do the same.
When we believe it is our right to dump our puke and poop on others, they may do the same.
When we receive what we have given to others, we may neglect to take responsibility.
We can forgive ourselves for our dumping and choose to heal ourselves before expressing.

Timeouts for children are really for parents to calm themselves to respond rather than react.
When couples get frustrated, impatient or angry, they need to step away and clear themselves.
To step away from reacting, confronting, dumping or fighting is the key to harmony in the home.
To be willing to take time out and be alone is the key to becoming centered with your response-ability.

The emotionally reactive person is not clear, conscious or in integrity with their mature response.
When we are emotionally secure and mentally aware, we are creative and respectful, learn and teach.
When we are connected with another, we listen more deeply and don’t get distracted by surface issues.
When we are upset for any reason, we have lost our way and are off purpose and playing “victim”.

Taking responsibility for our lives, emotional reactions, hurts and our fears, is mature behavior.
To handle our own lack of self-care and emotions, self understanding and behavior, is truly responsible.
To give ourselves time to find what is our truth and to live what is best for us is a gift to everyone.
When we do what is best for us, there is no need to make anyone else responsible for our choices.

Time for you is essential to determine what you really want, how and with whom you want to live.
Time for you helps establish your own goals, values and essential truths for living.
Time for you gives you the opportunity to make course corrections without others’ interference.
Do some soul searching and choose your own path and high way to live and love and give.

This is your life and you are responsible for it all.
Attend to its value for you and make a difference in your own life.
In this you will find the peace and happiness you seek.
Thank you for making your world a better place.
Betty Lue