Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Can I Do?

I believe and see Peace.
I receive and give Peace.
I feel and Live in Peace.
I choose to think, talk and walk in Peace.

( Today is World Prayer Day,  See below what you can do.)

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 “What Can I Do?”

When in doubt, do what feels true.
When in fear, trust in Good to be secure.
When in pain, choose comfort and joy.
When you don’t know just what to do, find your heart and be true to you.

I wear my ONE bracelet to remind me, WE ARE the ONE!
I wear theComplaint Free worldto teach all, to stop negating, blaming and whining.
Robert suggested we offer a reminder to empower us to remember!
What Can I Do?  Bracelets in red, white or blue.
 This is always the question I ask, when in doubt, indecisive criticizing or afraid.

Do something helpful.
Do something good.
Do something useful.
Do something real.

Think something healing.
Think something kind.
Think something peaceful.
Think and change your mind.

Be someone grateful. 
Be someone true.
Be someone prayerful.
Be authentically You.

When I have faith in my Self, I ask “What can I do?”
When I believe I am able, I am willing.
When I remember who I AM, I listen within.
When I trust my own conscience, I do what I am called to do!

We know we have done our part, when we are at trusting and at peace.
We know we have given our best, when we feel happy and complete.
We know we are One with all, when we trust in the Love that Is.
We know we are healed and whole, when we recognize that’s all there Is.

Let’s give up asking someone to do it for us.
Let us stop pretending we can’t.
Let’s give up our need to wait awhile.
Let’s give ourselves the chance to JUST DO IT!.

Do something real.
Do something personal.
Do something right.
Do something good.

There is always something WE CAN DO!  
Do it now and don’t wait.
There is always something to give. 
Give it now and don’t hesitate.

There is always a way to love, 
Love freely everything you see.
There is always a way to live.  
Live fully and let life be.

Loving You, 
Betty Lue

 World Day of Prayer, September 12, 2013 (Everyday is a day to pray!.)
Say a prayer for peace that you create or read this one.

This is a time for Affirmative Prayer, being grateful that all good, in all areas of our life and world, already IS. All that is left is for us to recognize that good and celebrate it.
May I remember to forgive the forgetting.
May peace fill my mind and heart. 
May my words speak of peace to all I know.
May I live at peace with those I think of, far and near.

I give thanks for remembering I am the Peace I seek.
I give thanks for being the Peace I speak of.
I give thanks for the Peace I share with others.
I give thanks for creating all Peace and Harmony in my world.

I am Peace.
I think Peace.
I speak Peace. 
I live Peace.
So I Am 
And So Peace Is.
Loving you,
Betty Lue