Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Is Here

I am respectful, responsible and cooperative.
I teach by my example.
I make a difference by living what I value.
I treat children with respect and they respect me in return.
I live, work and play with joy and gratitude.

Kids are home from school.
What do children need?
What do parents want?
How can we do what is best for parents and children?

Children have changed over the years.
Parents have changed.
Education has changed.
Society has changed.

When we are expecting our children to be as we were, we are mistaken.
When we trust kids to be mature in their decisions, we are mistaken.
When we believe children know what is best for them, we are mistaken.
When we expect kids to know the choices they have, we are mistaken.

Children need guidance.
They need good options from which to choose what they prefer.
Children need structure.
They need healthy boundaries, schedules and positive environment.

Parents, caregivers, educators and media are all teaching our kids.
What authority figures think and say are influencing our children.
What adults do is the standard our children see for themselves.
When we are confused, conflicted, stressed, unhappy, or foolish, children learn to be the same.

Children copy adults.
Children play out the behaviors, attitudes, functions and words of “grownups”.
The problem is that more of our “adult” culture is behaving in more immature ways.
When adults are not willing to be Informed and responsible, children are the same.

Where are there responsible and respectful adults?
Where are the healthy boundaries and conscious communication? 
Who is living a good life  with wise decisions, Positive attitudes and loving relationships?
Where do our children experience the way to be responsible, respectful and cooperative?

When parents are sneaky, covert and dishonest, children learn to be.
When parents act lazy, crazy, apathetic, selfish and hurtful, children copy.
When grownups blame, gossip, swear, get drunk, have tantrums and are childish, children do the same.
It is time for all of us to grow up not down, to be responsible not lazy, to be mature not immature.

We need to create our own healthy boundaries, structure, guidance and discipline.
We adults need to become what we want for our kids.
We parents, caregivers, teachers and role models need to clean up our own behavior.
We teach by example not by words or rules.

Let us commit this summer to become more responsible and respectful of everyone.
Let us make agreements that we can be proud of and maintain.
Let us give our families a renewed sense of commitment to what is best for everyone.
Let us teach and learn what works and let go of behaviors that do not work.

We can turn around our selves, our families, our communities and nation by making new choices.
Be the best you can be with everyone, especially your family and all children.
Trusting you can and will do the Right think in all your relationships.
Betty Lue

Parents need to be responsible and then teach your children in positive and respectful ways.
The real teaching is what children see from the adults in their lives.  Children copy the behaviors of those around them.
Parents need to take full responsibility for what they are teaching with their thoughts, words and behavior!