Friday, June 28, 2013

Be Responsible for Yourself!

I forgive myself for blaming or playing victim.
I release all fears of being fully responsible.
Being responsible is fun, safe and easy for me.
I am willing to forgive and choose again.
I create my experience and enjoy learning from everything.

Responsibility is a privilege, not a burden.
Being responsible creates freedom of choice.
Responsibility is the joy to those who are respectful and loving.
Being responsible comes easily to those who are treated with respect and gratitude.

When we love ourselves, we are responsible for our lives, finances, relationships and environment.
When we trust ourselves, we will be responsible for our messes and mistakes.
When we believe in ourselves, we easily take responsibility for creating the life we want.
When we know authentic ourselves, we are responsible for our achievements and creations.

Choose with gratitude and wisdom and you will have a fulfilling life of joy and peace.
Choose with criticism and ignorance and you will have a needy life of pain and conflict.
Choose with awareness and learning and you will have a growthful life of curiosity and wonder.
Choose with defensiveness and righteousness and you will have a limited life of separation and need.

We are responsible for our lives and our experiences.
We are responsible for what we think and say and do.
We are responsible for what we give and what we receive.
We are responsible for what we make up and what we believe.

We can choose to learn or to blame.
We can choose to change or get stuck.
We can choose to forgive or to defend.
We can choose to be responsible for ourselves or depend on others.

It serves only fearfulness to play limited, lacking and belittle ourselves.
It serves our loving to appreciate our creativity, abundance and magnificence.
We can cheat ourselves by whining, complaining and playing needy like a child.
Or we can fulfill our ability by affirming, being responsible and recognizing we are capable.

Being responsible is loving and empowering.
Being dependent is fearful and weakening.
Giving is healthy and enlivening.
Taking is unhealthy and disabling.

Consider taking total responsibility for everything.
See how empowering it is to clean up your mistakes.
Notice how good it feels to heal every relationship.
Observe how capable and strong you feel when you handle your own life.

Responsibility does not mean taking the blame.
Responsibility means being able to respond with gratitude.
Responsibility does not mean to be burdened and obligated.
Responsibility does mean we learn from everything as we erase all judgments and respond with Love.

Being responsible is empowering, freeing, renewing and encouraging ourselves to be All We Are.
Able to respond with Love to One and all, 
Betty Lue

Mercury is retrograde again, this time in the emotional sign of Cancer. And when it goes retrograde -- or appears to be moving in reverse through the sky -- miscommunications and hurt feelings can run rampant. But you can do better than just survive this Mercury Retrograde ... you can actually thrive in it!

The key to succeeding during this challenging time is to see things from a different point of view. Then, when you see a challenge coming, you'll be able to turn it into an advantage. The best way to see what's coming from a long way off is to get to a higher vantage point.

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My intention is to love freely, serve joyfully, and  remember always the Good.
Everyone is our teacher.
Life is the school of learning.
We are the willing students.

You are important.
Service is my life work and play.
Betty Lue