Saturday, May 25, 2013

Self- Remembering

We are facilitating a Self Remembering Retreat this Memorial Day weekend at our Reunion Lake House and Hermitage Retreat. 
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Our next retreat is July 5-6, Meditation, Mindfulness and Miracles: Forgiveness, Freedom and Trust.  
Step away for some special sacred time of renewal!

I love, trust and respect my Self.
I see and know my True and Authentic Self.
I am free and unlimited.

Usually we believe what our culture, family, friends, teachers and parents have told us.
Usually we name and claim what others believe about us.
Usually we think we are what we judge to be around us and in others we know.
Usually we buy into the same human package of living and learning what is the cultural norm.

Who Are You Really?
How do you “name” your self?
What is your identity?
How do you respond to “Who are you? What do you Do?”

Let’s learn together Who We Really Are, the Real You.
I have spent more than half my life exploring the multifaceted diamond we are.
There is no one single tool to use and no one way to find the Real You.
As soon as we discover more, we are changed and changing.

With trust and curiosity, we continually ask ourselves: Who Am I?
In the inquiry, we are allow ourselves to be free and open to the natural changes.
When we judge what is, we block the flow of transformation and get stuck.
Life is changing us and we are growing in the ever-changing acceptance and freedom of life.

Are you defined by what you do everyday?
Are you identified with your name or associations you have?
Do you see yourself as your gender, education, experiences, disasters and difficulties?
How do you respond to what is your life and how you see yourself today?

Have you been telling the same story to get agreement or sympathy?
Do you continually complain and criticize, but never do anything to change it?
Are you still believing the labels and diagnoses of your past?
Can you imagine freeing yourself to be unlimited and creative and whole?

Where we deny the Good in us, we are forgetting our Essence.
When we see the problems in our lives, we are forgetting the power of change.
When we are judging, complaining and criticizing, we are holding the same in place.
When we are willing to forgive, undo, erase and choose again, we realize the Truth.

No one is holding us hostage.
Nothing can prevail against Love.
We owe nothing and can give everything.
This is the life we have to learn to give All to All.

The Self is able and good, loving and whole, open and creative.
The Self is the gift of limitless trust and freedom to be and to see.
The Self lives and has its being in You and me.
The Self is yours to name and claim as You.

Loving us all in freeing the Truth of our Being,
Betty Lue

Rules of Remembering

No complaining.
No stories of past pain, problems or mistakes.
No criticizing, aloud or silently.
No need to justify, explain or seek approval.
Stop every harmful thought, word or deed.
Focus on giving your best right now.
Clean up after yourself and keep life in order. 
Hurt no one with your thoughts, words or deeds.
Forgive yourself and apologize immediately.
If you see something that is needed, simply do it.
Respect your body and mind with only good. 
Appreciate everything you have and do and are.
Choose to be happy, content and grateful.
Speak with clarity and intention to give only Love.
Let go of what no longer works for you.
Live every moment, as if God (Love) in all Life matters….because it does.
Betty Lue, 2013