Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep Your Vision in Mind

I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reason.
Life works for me, because I am grateful for the Life I have.
Everything works together for Good, because everything is in my best interests.
I now gratefully seek and find the gift and blessing in everything I experience.

If you use someone or something for inspiration, use it and appreciate those who inspire you.
Thanks for the inspiring tele-ministry of Joel Osteen in Texas.
Thanks for all the inspiration from Robert H. Schuller and Hour of Power
Thanks to my parents who always served their community in every way.
Thanks to the inner guidance that encourages and fills me with vision to use my life wisely and well.

Admire and allow those you respect and are inspired by to encourage you.
Envision the way you can imagine yourself sharing the Love you have and the gifts you share.
Enjoy what you give to everyone everyday wherever you are and whomever you encounter.
Appreciate the blessings and joy you receive from the abundant life you have.

Are you giving your best?
Are you living your truth?
Are you learning only Goodness?
Are you teaching inspired wisdom?
Do you encourage others to dream?
Do you believe what we conceive can be achieved?
Do you say YES, rather than share doubts and fears?
Do you give what you value and live what you believe?
Do you have a vision for your life?
Are you willing to trust and believe and know it will be?
Are you committed to never giving up?
Do you remember everyday in every way to be grateful for all that is coming to you and through you?
Are you aware that you life is always in your own best interest?
Do you consciously forgive, erase and belief all doubts to believe you deserve your true vision?

It is time to stop doubting and discouraging positive and affirming inner dialogue.
It is time to judge no one and admire those who are achieving their dreams.
It is time to let go of fear, resistance and self denial.
It is time to trust in Higher Power within you to guide you in allowing your vision to come true.

Most do not know how they block and withhold the Good in their lives.
Most carry the pictures and words of their parents in their unconscious minds.
Most wish for the lottery or prince charming or worldly treasures.
Most do not understand the power of having a faith-filled heart and God-inspired Vision.

Your vision will be for what inspires you to do good and be good and share God-given gifts.
Your vision will not be needy or greedy, but more a gently calling to love, serve and remember.
Your vision will be for what serves the greater Good and inspires you to prepare yourself for success.
Your vision will make you happy and energized to see and think of and be grateful for everyday.

When we give thanks for what we know is coming our way, we are willing to wait with patience.
When we appreciate the Good we have, we trust that only Good and always more Good is coming.
When we celebrate the vision we have with our faith in the future, we are co-creating what we see.
When we are respectful and kind with ourselves and our vision, we enjoy the life we have.

Keep your heartfelt vision in front of you.
Stop looking back at what might have been.
Begin to be grateful for everyday and every way your life is working right now.
Be grateful that your needs are always met and trust your goals will be achieved.

Loving with trust and freedom that we all will achieve what we hold in mind with faith in our heart.
Betty Lue

Steps to Fulfillment
Vision…………See it.
Faith…………..Believe it.
Passion………..Desire it.
Commitment….Choose it.
Strategy………..Prepare for it.
Action………….Do it.
Gratitude………Appreciate it.

Clear all the fear, doubt, limiting beliefs and believers with forgiveness. 
Forgive all limitations daily until you are 100% believing and grateful for the good that is coming to you.
All doubts and fears block the realization and manifestation of our vision.
Choose for a no limit life!