Friday, April 26, 2013

You Are Responsible for Your Own Happiness

I am willing to be totally responsible for my own happiness.
I love myself and choose to be happy.

You are not responsible for others’ happiness.
If you feel guilty about making others unhappy, forgive yourself.
If you feel responsible for making others feel guilty about your unhappiness, forgive yourself.
If you have learned how to manipulate and control others into making you happy, forgive yourself.

We each are responsible for our own happiness.
We cannot learn how to be responsible, when we give the responsibility to someone else.
Others cannot learn how to be responsible, when we take their responsibilities onto ourselves.
We cannot understand how to be happy, when we allow ourselves to be dependent on others.

Attachment is the source of all suffering.
Attachment to a person, relationship or ideal is dependency on having the outcome you want.
The letting go process is painful when we hang on.
Like a kid crying for a treat in the grocery store, you may have learned to cry until you get your way.

When we have a person, partner or parent who needs to make us happy, we become dependent.
When we believe someone somewhere is going to meet our neediness, we get attached.
When we lean on and wait for the longed for experience, we become lazy.
When we use others or excuse ourselves with neediness, we never grow up.

Adulthood is being fully responsible for our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.
Maturity is being able and willing to take care of ourselves.
When we are no longer dependent on romantic fantasy or fairytale, we experience life as a reflection.
When we think we are lacking or lonely, we are.

As we think, so we believe and teach others to believe about us.
As we speak, so we create what we think and say.
As we behave, so we are demonstrating what we think and believe, say and do.  
When we get agreement from others about what is missing, we ensure it is missing.

Only we can deny ourselves anything.
When we don’t believe we can have or are afraid to have or don’t really want to have, we don’t have.
Thought Creates.  
When two or more are in agreement, the experience appears to be.

When we want to be responsible, we learn to respond to everything with Love.
When we choose to be responsible, we forgive and erase every mistake immediately with no blame.
When we enjoy being response able, we stay away in our choices and choose only and always Good.
When we are responsible and dependable in making choices, we celebrate and learn from everything.

Choose to be happy, content and peaceful by changing your thinking.
Choose to declare to yourself, “Everything works together for Good.”
Choose to commit to making choices which benefit everyone.
Choose to erase and release all negative thinking, speaking and behavior.

Free yourself and trust yourself to make only positive, constructive and beneficial choices.
You deserve to be happy and only You can make it True for you.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue