Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad

Do you know right from wrong?
Do you know what is good and bad?
Do you know how to choose?
Do you listen to your own conscience?

Do you know when you know?
Do you know how to listen within?
Do you hear that still small voice inside?
Do you let your conscience guide?

We are a fool when we step away from what we “know”.
We mis lead ourselves when we go against that inner voice.
We hurt ourselves and our self trust when we do not obey.
We all have in inner guide that “knows” the “right and good” way to live.

Shame on us for not listening enough.
Shame on us for not trusting what we hear.
Shame on us for not following what we know.
Shame on us for not honoring the Good in us.

Yes, it is as simply as this. 
Imagine that the person you love and admire the most is watching you.
When you are proud to show all that you think and do and say, you are choosing wisely the good way.
When you are ashamed and afraid to let them see your choices, you are going against your integrity.
When you have chosen what is wrong and bad for you, you will not be strong or trusting or true.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made.
Show you have learned by choosing a better way.
Forgive yourself for the people you have hurt or misled.
Choose again to make amends and do good today.

It takes very little to let Goodness and God lead the way.
It takes only to stop yourself for letting what is wrong and bad have its way.
It takes just a moment to clear up the rest of your life.
It takes forgiving all of the past and choosing again for today.

You have a guide, faithful and true, deep inside of you.
Because you have not listened, to sound has grown dim.
But still it is there waiting for you to begin a new life.
Listen today for what to do, where to go and what to say.

You can do this small thing for you.
It will make a mighty difference and your dreams will come true.
Listen for how to eat, to share and to give.
Listen for what is right and good in everything you do.

You will find life can be FUN, SAFE AND EASY….. WHEN YOU LISTEN Within AND FOLLOW!
Loving you,  
Betty Lue