Saturday, March 02, 2013

Where To Begin?

When you want to heal and grow, learn and know, where do you go to begin?

Become a fair witness to your life.  
Watch and observe.  
Pay attention to your words, your thoughts, your relationships.  
The best learners are those who pay attention because they are present with their creations.

Stop blame and criticism.
If you find yourself in conflict, saying one thing and doing another, stop and choose again.  
Begin to become an observer in your life.  
You are creating all the time.

You are responsible for the experiences your have.  
When you realize this, you will learn quickly and easily undo whatever is not what you really want.  
Those who sleep, deny or blame others are victims. 
Those who are awake, responsible and forgive are conscious creators.  

Stop the pain.
Learn to quickly forgive, erase and release the behaviors that seem to hurt you and others.
End the habits of mind that cause you to think ill of yourself and others.
Quiet the mind with willingness to listen with your heart and understand with your mind.

Take time.
Take time to breathe deep and enjoy the moment.
Take time outs to calm emotional upset and return to peace.
Take time in to listen to your own heart/mind and inner inspiration.

Create only Good.
Think Good thoughts.
Speak Good words.
Do only Good deeds.

Respect everyone.
Be willing to see and hear what is beneath the surface.
Look at the real need under every request of neediness.
Listen within for how you can best love, help, serve each one.

Love Your Self.
Get acquainted with you, your real dreams and goals.
Honor what is in  your heart to be and do.
Behave in ways which bring you joy and love for yourself.

Life can be fun, safe and easy!
Let go and allow Good to flow freely in you and through you.
Let Love lead tbe way and allow joy to guide your path.
You are the creator and chooser for your life.

Blessings and have fun watching.... 
Betty Lue