Friday, March 22, 2013

Where Are You?

It is spring and time for planting the seeds that we want to harvest.
It is spring and time to create the next phase of our lives.
It is a time of visioning and believing and trusting in the new growth.
It is time for letting go of whatever no longer serves us and our Good.

Where are you?
Are you waiting for someone or something to give your new life?
Are you still in winter trying to hang on and stay comfortable?
Are you hoping someone or something will give you the inspiration you need?

Are you breathing fully and freely?
Are you cleaning up yesterday’s mess?
Are you filling up the emptiness and empty nest?
Are you lethargic and depressed after too much drugs, TV, sleep or complaining?

Life is what we make of it.
There is no magic answer or specialist that can change your mind and ways.
You are the captain of your destiny and the navigator for where you are to go.
You are the one seeking and finding what it is you claim you want to be and do and go.

To sit and wait for someone else to change is to deny you self.
To use excuses of not enough and not knowing is to interfere with your happiness.
To blame and resent, to sue and plan revenge, is to fill your mind and body with poison.
To try to fix, to analyze and paralyze your self with “Why?” is to go in circles.

Only you and I can choose to change, to take back our lives and make them matter.
Of course you don’t want to be here if you have chosen to suffer in “hell” and live in confusion.
I know the world of “broken dreams” seems like a loss when you judge it all as failing and stupid.
And yet there is gain, when you claim the learning value, the blessing in what did not work.

·     Write down what you have learned.
·     Take inventory of what you have.
·     Appreciate the support you have given and received.
·     Celebrate how much life you have to live and give.

Stop crying and denying this is your mess and you are responsible for cleaning it up.
Get busy with the project and clear the debris so you can see what really is still good.
Make a vow to you to love you well today with food and sleep, work and play.
Give yourself the day every loving parent would give to their happy child.

Only you can make your dreams come true.
Only you can give you the life you really want.
Only you can forgive and love you well in everyway.
Only you can make you happy each and every day.

Take back your life and seize today.
Betty Lue