Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebrate Today and Everyday!

This is one of my most inspiring days of the year. (Laughing since I am happy everyday!!!)
Palm Sunday is the celebration for me of forgiveness and helpfulness and Love.
Palm Sunday represents the change of climate ecologically and spiritually.
Palm Sunday is the beginning of hope, faith and unlimited Love for one and all.

We each can choose today and every day to read our “palms” and see our happy purpose.
We each can undo whatever faulty programming and scary history we may remember.
We each can change our minds, our habits and our choices.
We each can make today matter because we choose to make this day Good for one and all.

I love to celebrate by loving and giving.
I love to join with others who claim responsibility for their happiness.
I love to forgive humanity for choosing to cling to resentment and pain.
I love to breathe deep, listen within and follow the guidance of my heart.

To follow the examples of those who always were helpful, I seek to be helpful too.
Sometimes being helpful is offering physical or financial support and encouragement.
Sometimes being helpful is offering words of encouragement and appreciation.
Sometimes being helpful is letting people to figure our their own answers and solutions.

Creating dependency by always being there may not be truly helpful.
Giving handouts again and again may teach dependency instead of self reliance.
Letting yourself be used may teach people they are weak and incapable.
We must learn to give when it is truly helpful for all concerned for win/win outcomes.

When we live our lives celebrating the good we have, the good increases.
When we give freely without loss, we feel blessed for the good we have to give.
When we give expecting return on our investment, we may find sometimes there is no return.
When we learn that our giving from joy and gratitude blesses giver and receiver, we freely give.

Happiness runs in a circular motion.
Love is like a little boat upon the sea.
Everybody is a part of everything anyway.
You can have it all, if you let yourself be.

What will it take for you to be a winner?
What does it take for you to give your all?
How can you be a happy giver and receiver?
Are you willing to forgive and have it all?

Life, everyday, is your 24 hours to use for your good.
This day is one in which you can celebrate or complain.
One way gives you joy and the other offers pain.
You are the chooser so read your heart and do what works for you!

Loving you everyday in every way I know…….and I begin with me!
Betty Lue

May all Beings walk in Beauty.
May all Beings live with Grace.
May all Beings share their Wisdom.
May all Beings give with Faith.

May all Beings hear their message.
May all Being teach with respect.
May all Beings learn their teaching.
May all Beings forgive to resurrect.

May we all remember our own Heart Song.
May we all remember to be true.
May we all remember to give with humility.
May we all remember You are Me and I Am You.

Betty Lue, February 13,  2013

 Helping, Fixing, Serving
--by Rachel Remen (May 29, 2000)

Service is not the same as helping. 

Helping is based on inequality, it's not a relationship between equals. 
When you help, you use your own strength to help someone with less strength. 
It's a one up, one down relationship, and people feel this inequality. 
When we help, we may inadvertently take away more than we give, diminishing the person's sense of self-worth and self-esteem.
Now, when I help I am very aware of my own strength, but we don't serve with our strength, we serve with ourselves
We draw from all our experiences: our wounds serve, our limitations serve, even our darkness serves. 
The wholeness in us serves the wholeness in the other, and the wholeness in life. 
Helping incurs debt: when you help someone, they owe you. 
But service is mutual. 
When I help I have a feeling of satisfaction, but when I serve I have a feeling of gratitude.
Serving is also different from fixing
We fix broken pipes, we don't fix people. 
When I set about fixing another person, it's because I see them as broken. 
Fixing is a form of judgment that separates us from one another; it creates a distance.

So, fundamentally, helping, fixing and serving are ways of seeing life
When you help, you see life as weak; when you fix, you see life as broken; and when you serve, you see life as whole.
When we serve in this way, we understand that this person's suffering is also my suffering, that their joy is also my joy and then the impulse to serve arises naturally - our natural wisdom and compassion presents itself quite simply. 
A server knows that they're being used and has the willingness to be used in the service of something greater. 
We may help or fix many things in our lives, but when we serve, we are always in the service of wholeness.
--Rachel Remen, from Zen Hospice

Twelve Daily Steps To Optimistic Living
1. Focus on my successes rather than on my failures.
2. Notice that which I have accomplished rather than that which I’ve left undone.
3. See and acknowledge my beauty rather than focusing on my imperfections.
4. Notice and acknowledge all the times I’ve followed the optimum conditions,rather than judging myself for the times I have not.
5. Acknowledge all my wins each and every day.
6. Create and maintain an environment that nurtures me.
7.  See problems as opportunities to learn from rather than as obstacles to avoid.
8.  Tell the whole truth on a moment to moment basis in order to maintain impeccable and loving relationships.
9. Be conscious every moment to put positive thoughts into my mind rather than negative, knowing all thoughts are creative.
10.  Appreciate my feelings as a means of understanding myself, thus directing and creating my reality.
11. Continue to forgive myself and others as a means of creating a state of Grace.
12. Fill my life with joy and ecstasy by practicing daily the art and skill of verbally expressing my gratitude for all that I have.