Friday, February 08, 2013


Are you complete with any or many of the projects you begin?

Where have incomplete communication projects, relationships and finances, energy is depleted.
With each true completion, we have renewed energy.
With unfinished business physical, mentally, spiritually, financially, relationally, we are distracted, delayed and disappointed..
 In everyday life, anything left unfinished without honorable closure yields a sense of dissatisfaction.

Possible habitual incompletions:
The laundry unfolded and not  put away.
A meal finished without appreciation of the food and cook.
Dishes left in the sink for someone to do later.
Phone calls ended without saying Good-bye.
Messages sent with no ending thanks.
Death, divorce or relationship break up without honorable closure.
Prayers said without an expression of gratitude.
A creation which is left with nothing learned.
Help given without words of appreciation.
Services given without compensation.
Mail and bills unopened and unpaid.
Cars and homes left uncared for.
Repairs left undone.
Projects started and left unfinished.
Things hidden in drawers, closets, garages just to get out of the way.
Half done stuff just waiting for you to get to when you have time.

Some Excuses for not completing what we start:
Too much to do.
Not a priority.
Don’t want to finish.
Don’t know how to end.
Unwilling to give or throw away.
Don’t want anyone else to finish it.
Accustomed to half done stuff.
Can’t stand the thought of having nothing to do.
Lost interest.
Set aside for a rainy day.
“I’ll get to it someday.”
It’s someone else’s job.
I like the bed unmade, dishes in the sink and clothes in the basket.
My mother made me do stuff and I don’t want to now.
I don’t know how to say “good-bye”.
It makes me sad to have completion.
Life is too full of possibilities and I like to have something new.
I can’t stand the feeling of emptiness and nothing to do.
It makes me feel important to have lots of stuff waiting for me.

When we live daily completing each project, meal, task and relationship, we have so much satisfaction, we feel happy, confident and fulfilled. When we complete each conversation, relationship and life experience with gratitude and blessing, we are open for new experiences in which we are fully present to give and receive our highest and best.
When we live with a sense of completion, we are open, ready and willing for the next opportunity to experience the goodness, wholeness and beauty life has to offer us.

Completion offers delight in the present, appreciation of the past and open-mindedness about the future.
Begin to complete one experience and relationship each day and notice how much more release from anxiety, fatigue, guilt and grief you may have.

Completion is the key to enthusiasm looking forward to each new day and every relationship.
You will be amazed at the energy you have when you begin to complete everything you begin.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue
Honorable Closure        

How do you complete a relationship, a marriage, a teaching-learning experience, a job, a friendship? How do you know you are really complete?
Often people walk away without really finishing the spiritual work, because it is easier emotionally.   People don’t know how to come to a truly peaceful place, where “good-bye” is really “God be with You.”  
When we are complete, we are at peace and in love.  
We have no regrets, no resentments, no unhappy memories. 

Honorable closure acknowledges:
1)   the learning and growth received, 
2)   challenges and difficulties experienced, 
3)   appreciation of gifts and blessings, 
4)   forgiveness and amends made. 

Acknowledge within your self and with the other person all that you have learned and how you have grown and benefited from the experience. 

Honor and express the challenges and difficulties that occurred and perhaps were endured during the time together. 

Offer your gratitude and appreciation to the other for the benefits you received.

Share your forgiveness and/or make amends for those places of unconscious or conscious errors of omission or commission.  Often neither party is aware of what went unexpressed until the two have an opportunity to talk together.  This is very valuable when done with the conscious intention for a peaceful conclusion.  

And lastly, give your full appreciation and blessings to those whom you are leaving.   

Honorable closure always includes a face to face or heart to heart connection so that all parties have a full opportunity to express their piece of the whole. Incompletion is never one sided. If one party loses and is in grief neither person is at peace.  
Do your part when you part. 
When we complete a relationship, job, living situation with honor for all, we are free to choose again without being haunted by the past or unconsciously repeating the same patterns. 

To move on, to create anew, to be fully inspired requires honorable closure.  Begin now.

Saying good-bye can be done with love, respect and profound gratitude and inner peace.
 Betty Lue