Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day

Martin Luther King Holiday

Auspicious Coincidence!

It is time to let go of our judgments and support those in leadership.
It is time to believe in the sincerity of the words of those in command.
It is time for us to celebrate our diversity of ideas and ideals among humanity.
It is time to come together for expanded awareness, deeper understanding and more compassion for all.

We do not need to kill or hate or lie or shout to be heard.
We do not need to conform, defend or magnify our differences.
We need to apologize and forgive our judgments, criticisms, lies and unkindness.
We need to respect and trust, accept and allow, differences to be communicated.

It is time to open our minds and hearts, to listen and understand.
It is time to trust all people are doing what they believe is best.
It is time to share our part and our beliefs with respect for others’ beliefs.
It is time to honor those who serve, those who love and those who remember what is Good for all.

Let us respect each one for living their part, doing their best and remember to do our best as well.
Let us communicate with those who are listening by demonstrating what we believe and want to share.
Let us contribute to the common and individual good by living in integrity and sharing honestly.
Let us remember we can establish win-win solutions in our families, schools, workplace and nation.

To inaugurate means to begin officially, to formally induct into office.
When our president is inaugurated today and tomorrow, we need to celebrate and appreciate.
We live in a democratic nation where we have freedom of speech and freedom of choice.
We need to respect our freedoms and exercise freedom with responsibility for the Greater Good.

When we have a leader at work. home, in government it is our right and privilege to express ourselves.
When we are in leadership, we need to be responsible for ways we serve the good of the people.
When we recognize the responsibilities and stresses of leadership, we need to be supportive.
When we have played both parts, leader and supporter, we recognize both are powerful and importance.

To serve a leader is to serve the people.
To serve the people as a leader, we must respect ourselves.
To respect our responsibilities, we must stay awake and aware, open and willing, forgiving and creative.
There is no inequality when rightly seen between the leader and the people.

Inaugurate yourself officially into the offices and positions you hold.
Take no position, no function or role lightly.
Give your very best to everything you do.
Be fully responsible for filling every function with dignity, integrity and respect for all.

Be aware that your choices are either inspiring or degrading, encouraging or depressing.
You are leading and teaching with every thought, every word, and every activity.
The world is watching you and learning from you.
It is time to watch yourself and live as though you are seen and heard and leading everyone.

For so it is, You are leading your life,
Betty Lue