Monday, January 28, 2013

Are you Stuck or Just Stubborn?

Sometimes we get stuck, because we are stubborn.
Sometimes we get stubborn, because we are stuck.
Life flows when we are free of fear and judgments.
Love flows when we forgive the past.

The nature of all things is to keep on flowing, when we let go of our attachments.
Where we are attached, we are stuck.
Where we are afraid, we get stubborn.
Where we feel guilt, we stop.

When I feel stuck, I do something helpful.
When I feel stubborn, I change my mind.
When I feel stagnant, I know I am afraid.
When I don’t know what do or where to go, I choose to go somewhere and do something that is helpful.

Life is about service.
Serving Us is the real work.
When we are giving nothing, we are serving nothing.
And life feels meaningless.

Life is about caring.
Caring our all life is caring for our life.
Caring for ourselves, is caring for others.
Caring is a simply helpful way of opening the flow.

Life is for giving.
Giving what is wanted and needed feels good.
Giving what has heart and meaning feels good.
Giving what has value and is appreciated is good for giver and receiver.

Each one of us has special gifts.
Every one is a gift of caring and sharing, giving and receiving.
Each one at every age and ability has blessed gifts to share.
Every one no matter what their circumstance is worthy of service.

There is no lack of employment, when we are employed by God for Good.
There is no lack of ways to go or people to serve when we are open and willing.
There is no way to be stuck, when we are open to serve and care and give.
There is no need to be stubborn and unwilling and closed, unless we are afraid.

The time is now.
Give something to someone.
Serve someone with your time, money, energy, and love.
Care about someone or something and share your caring.

When not “working”, do the real work.
Get in touch with what you love to do.
Learn to share your best self with everyone you encounter or think of.
Set yourself free to be fully YOU and you will see life work for you.

Loving you by trusting you to be free!
Betty Lue