Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are You Afraid of Love?

The greatest fear is the fear of Love.
Love is letting go of fear.  (Jerry Jampolsky, MD)
Where there is Love, there is union.
Where there is Love, there is wholeness.

Where there is Love, there is Creativity.
Where there is Love, there is Joy.
Where there is Love, there is Power.
Where there is Love, there is Peace.

Some see God as Love.
Some see Love as Goodness.
Some see Love as Omniscience.
Some see Love as Eternal.

Are you afraid of the Love within you?
Do you fear being consumed with Love?
Are you hesitant to live in Love and give in Love?
Do you think Love is foolish, special or naïve?

Consider looking into the eyes of a baby, an innocent piece of God.
Imagine seeing the soul, the Spirit of the One you are with.
See the Love of God and total Goodness in the magnificence of nature.
Consider that Creation it Self is the Love we fear as being all powerful.

Do you fear being powerful?
Are you afraid of being happy?
Do you trust the creativity in your thoughts and words?
Are you scared of simply being at Peace?

The teachings of the world seem contradictory.
The Peaceful may be called lazy.
The Happy may be called foolish.
The Powerful may be seen as cruel.
The Creative may be called confused.
The Good Ones may be seen as naïve.
The Loving Ones must be pretending. 

Are you limiting yourself?
Do you fear showing the intensity of your passion, your purpose and your path?
Are you afraid of being the ultimately Giving Happy person you really are?
Have you been taught it is foolish to give so much and love so much and do so much?

Take time to consider where you find your greatest joy.
Consider the moments when you have found great peace.
Ask yourself with whom you have shown your Loving Self.
In Love you will find your true Self and lose your false self.

I am truly Loving you, 
Betty Lue