Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Do You Do?

Some say today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Some claim today is the day to undo what you no longer want.
Some see the opening for the dawn of the age of Light, Illumination.
Some believe this is just another day.  So what’s new?

You get to choose how you use today! 
I care and I hope you do, too!

What Do You Do?

What do you do with your time and energy and money?
What do you give?
What do you spend on?
What do you waste?
What do you ignore?
What do you neglect?
What do you contribute?

“What you give to and spend on reflects your values.”
What you value will return to you as returns on your investment.

As children, you may have learned
    To resist and avoid.
    To beg and complain.
    To argue and rebel.

You may have learned …..
    To be tired and lazy.
    To be sick and unable.
    To distract and delay.

What people learn to do as children, they keep on doing, just a more adult version of the same.
It is time to grow up and stop playing the child’s game to avoid doing what you don’t want to do.
We teach our children by our example to hate to do, to avoid and complain, to be irresponsible.
It is all the same game being played over and over, until we make the change.

Pay what you owe.
Do what you’re asked.
Keep your agreements.
Perform all your tasks.

In the end, you will be glad you completed your assignments and finished your projects.
You will be rewarded with love and support, loyalty and respect, unless you neglect.
When you do not avoid what is yours to do, you will approve of you and others will, too!
Respect  and gratitude are earned by those who are responsible for their words and their actions.

Be respectful and forgiving.
Give thanks for living simply.
Be good to your country,  your home and community.
Pay your rent  on time and your taxes, too.

Take out the garbage.
Make your bed and be glad.
Feed your family well.
Be kind to your kids and your elders.

Where you see a mess, or a need, clean it up and fill it.
No you need not be asked to do the right thing.
Be helpful, even if there is something  you would rather do.
Take the time to show you care and then dare to care with actions and words.

You know what I mean.
Life is not give and take.
Life is give and live.
And give for the sake of giving.

Life is your responsibility.
How you live your life is on you.
You can be and do what you respect and admire.
Then others will learn from you to do the right thing, too!

Loving you for being able and willing to respond with respect.
Betty Lue