Monday, November 05, 2012


There is more power in voting than you know.
There is more truth shared in words than you realize.
There is more teaching when you express than you understand.
There is more responsibility in each choice than you comprehend.

Life is a choice.
What we say is a choice.
What we think is a choice.
What we do is a choice.

We can empower or disempower ourselves and others.
We can inspire or depress all with our words.
We can encourage or discourage with our actions.
We can lift up or put down with our tone.

Every thought, word and action is our teaching tool.
We lead with our example, our vision, our speech and our behavior.
We are demonstrating the life we want, the world we want, the relationships we want.
We are living our power with our votes, our purchasing power, and our media choices.

Many deny their power….
Because they don’t want to be responsible.
Because they fear making a mistake.
Because they don’t believe they matter.

Every vote counts.
Every voice is heard.
Every act of kindness matters.
Every choice for a better way creates.

We may not see the results, but….
Our choice inspires others to choose.
Our words are heard around the world.
Our forgiveness and love heal other minds.
Our Happiness and inner Peace offer Peace to All.

Make sure you are participating and contributing.
Stop complaining, denying and criticizing.
Our negativity encourages negative reactions in others.
Our hope, faith and Love awaken our leaders, teachers, politicians, corporations, families and all.

People around the world watch us.
We are leading by our example.
Let us exercise our rights and privileges in a responsible way.
We can each and all make a positive difference, today and tomorrow and everyday.

Vote with your positive thoughts.
Vote with your inspiring words.
Vote with your helpful activities.
Vote and know you make the difference.

Love Yourself and Appreciate Your Choices,
Betty Lue