Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Keys to Successful Partnerships

 (at home and in the world)

Common Vision and Goal- Look for the highest goal upon which both parties can join.
When we want success, we must genuinely join as partners.  
When we want to win, we identify our strengths and the other’s faults or weakness.  
When we want to succeed, we identify what we have in common and where we agree.

Honesty and Openness- Be willing to share the highest truth about your willingness.
When we want to trust and be trusted, we must be trustworthy.
When we want to catch the other’s lack of disclosure, we will not succeed.
When we want to succeed, we must make it safe for the other to share anything.

Equality- Recognize that everyone will do their best, when appreciated.
When we want to be supported by others, we must acknowledge their participation.
When we want to control and compare, we will create resistance and deter others from giving.
When we want to succeed, we must value and respect each person’s contributions and ideas. 

Commitment- Commit to what is for the highest and best of all parties.
When we want to free each person to do what is best for them, we will not be dependent or attached.
When we demand people be more and do more, they feel limited and distrusted. 
When we know the best comes from people when they are being and doing what they truly want.

Responsibility- Take full responsibility for the quality of the relationship
When we want true success and win-win outcome, we will always take responsibility .
When we blame the others or expect them to change, we will generate guilt and animosity.
When we are fully responsible without guilt or blame, we are open to creative solutions and not stuck.

Whether in the politics of our nation, our workplace, church or home, we can be the one to set the tone.
Whether we like the leader, the policies or the current state, we can be the catalyst for change. 
Change never comes by changing others but comes by being the change we want to see. 
If we are responsible and able to respond in a respectful and loving way, we change ourselves.

I want to see people working together.
I want to see people working.
I want to see people listening and appreciating.
I want people being responsible and respectful with their money.
I want to see people helping one another.
I want to see us treating one another with respect, responsibility and cooperation.

Because these are my requests and my vision, I must implement them daily in my life and relationships.
Because my vision includes everyone, I must include everyone in my world.
Because this is what I claim to care about, I must demonstrate everyday in everyway no fault finding.
Because I am committed to seeing and treating everyone equally, I must be the one who no longer judges.

I practice these five keys in my work with my centers, clients and groups, family and children.
I listen and learn from everyone I encounter.
I laugh and let go when there is too much stress.
I love my life and live it fully.

I live, teach and practice respect, responsibility and cooperation. 
Loving us all as one,
Betty Lue

My guidance from my inner listening this AM.
From yesterday’s election results, what can I know?

Both men won and received what they gave.
Both men learned and earned their just reward.
Both men campaigned and gained what they chose in their hearts.
Both men knew what was true and came through respect and appreciation.

Both men are Good, but the people must be understood and claim what is Good for All.
It is time for the people to win….not allow money to win.
It is time for the voice of those daring to care for the Good to be heard.
It is time for all to feel what is real for the benefit of All People. 

Let the Highest Truth be revealed as our nation is healed.  
Thank You, God.
We are One nation, Under God, indivisible.
We are United in the right of all people to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.