Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratitude Celebrates All !

Are you giving thanks today?
Are you grateful for yourself?
Do you fully appreciate your life?
Are you conscious of the Good all around you?

When we are not fully aware of the Love we are, we may miss the Love in others.
When we are focused on what is not, we may be unaware of what really Is.
When we are lost in the judgment and fear, we may not see what is really true.
When we believe we are limited in Good, we deny, ignore and neglect the Good we have.

When we do not appreciate what we have, we cannot create the Good we want.
Take time today and everyday to be grateful.
Take a moment to release all regrets ad complaints and experience the joy and gratitude.
Pause with a breath to forgiveness and inspiration to see the abundant beauty of all creation.

Thank the sky and the sea.
Behold the blessing of you and me.
Take time to celebrate with wholehearted glee.
Remember the gifts of Great Mystery..

Look around you and be thankful for those who planted the fields with our food.
Take a walk in the woods and fully enjoy the boundless and beauty and balance of nature.
Recognize everyone you encounter with a smile and greeting that confirms your Love.
Be willing to sit at your table with no regret and give thanks for what you have.

Give thanks to those who created our educational system, medical facilities, transportation system.
Be appreciative of the truck drivers and janitors, doctors and nurses, teachers and principles.
Be grateful to those who create and maintain all that supports our livelihood today.
Enjoy the bounty and blessings we have in our grocery stores, produce stands and markets.

Do you remember to be thankful with appreciation and remuneration to all service providers?
Do you offer fair pay to those who serve you as housekeepers, beauticians and personal servers?
Are you respectful of those you employ and those who take care of us on the phone and internet?
Do you take time to genuinely appreciate good service wherever you make a purchase?

The more we give with joy and gratitude, the more we appreciate what we have.
I know that giving is receiving. 
Having rests on giving.  
When we appreciate what we have, what we have increases.

Let us be thankful everyday for all we have.
Remember the people in your life.
Enjoy each moment and recognize it is your creation.
When you let go with gratitude and blessings, you create again what is true for you.

Loving us all as the grateful creative people we are.
Thank you for remembering the Good in you and sharing it with others.
Betty Lue

You are  my spiritual partners as we conspire to co-create a better world.
My heart smiles and my spirit rejoices.  
Your gifts of love and appreciation inspire me and feed my soul.  
Celebrate the gifts we share and grow in abundance and beauty.  
Offering all I am given in Love,  supports, strengthens and affirms this Love. 

I love you, as you live the life you consciously desire. 
I am supported and sustained by your kindness and generosity.  
May you  honor your Holy Self as you walk in Goodness, Beauty and Love.

Loving You,  
Betty Lue