Monday, October 29, 2012

Making the Most of Each Day

·     Full Moon Today.

·     Mega storms converging on the East Coast.

·     Halloween is Coming.

·     All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day.

·     Trick or Treat

·     Thinning of the Veils.

·     Everyday is the First Day of Our Lives.

·     And the Giants won the World Series!! (Demonstrating Miracle of Love in action!)

Making the Most of Each Day

Are you willing to make this day a gift?
Are you willing to honor your self today?
Are you willing to be fully present now?
Are you willing to appreciate every day?

These are key questions for you to have a GREAT DAY!
These are the ways we can choose to approach every day of our lives.
This is the best way to stay awake, happy and in love.
This truly is how you make the most of each and every day.

When you see every day as a gift, you can allow yourself to be curious, surprised and amused.
When you recognize the gift is to be valued, utilized and shared with others, you feel blessed.
When you understand the gift of life is given to you for healing and learning, you use it well.
When you remember the Source of your life is Love itself, you will be grateful.

When you honor your Self, all of you, thoughts, feelings, deeds, you will be respectful.
When you know Who and Whose You Are, the origin of your Being, you will feel important.
When live life as though you really matter, you make a difference.
When you appreciate each relationship as a healing and holy encounter, it truly is.

It is not luck or magic or specialness that offers the Good Life, it is our choice to respect our lives.
It is not a strategy or destiny to have a Good Life, it is determined by our willingness to let go.
It is not the result of favoritism of God or the Universe that some have it really good and some do not.
It is by our choice to practice inner listening for guidance and a readiness to let go of all past errors.

We can stay lost forever trying to figure out why bad things happen.
We can get stuck in trying to place blame or cause on someone or something.
We can delay being present for the Goodness in today by feeling sorry for ourselves.
We can never decide where we want to go and continue to go nowhere.

The GPS of life requires that we know where we are and decide where we are going.
If we do not have these two points in mind, we are bumped around by the whims of others.
When we are honest about where we are and actively choose for where we are going, life works.
Being real and responsible for what we want is essential to going in the right direction.

I am here and I want to have a great day, so I give everything I think and say and do to Greatness.
I am free and I choose to have a Good Life, so I freely think and do and say only what is Good.
I am stuck and I forgive my stuckness.  I release myself this moment to be All That I Am.
I am lost and I become aware of where I AM and choose for what I really want.

I choose to be awake and aware today and live each moment fully connected and conscious.
I choose today to treat myself and all others with respect for our holiness.
I choose this moment to be totally grateful for Who I Am and Where I Am.
I choose to use this day, every minute and every encounter as a blessing for all.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue