Saturday, September 29, 2012

What To Do about Mistakes?

Do you notice the mistakes I often make?
Does it bother you or amuse you or make no difference?
I find that if I take the time to correct every little mistake I make, I wouldn’t have time to do the work I do.
I know that correcting mistakes and editing my writing is not nearly as much fun as just writing!

What about you?

What To Do about Mistakes? (Yours, Mine and Ours)
Full moon tonight at about 8PM PDT 

Ignore them? 
Forgive them?
Punish them? 
Learn from them?

What is your pleasure?
What gives you joy?  
What works for you?
What do you prefer?

Show up. 
Speak up. 
Tell the Truth 
Detach from the Outcome.

How do you show up?
Are you really present in your life?
Do you sleep walk or really choose your way to go?
Are you willing to see and be exactly where you are as you are?

Do you speak up?
What do you say?
Are you willing to express your whole and holy Self?
Do you say what others want to hear or what is your calling?

Do you tell your truth or the High Truth?
Do you share your petty discontent or your Loving Guidance?
Do you give the best you have or give your opinions and complaints?
Are you open to forgiving your little thoughts and listen within for your kindness?

Do you know how to detach?
Do you understand what it means to let go and let God?
Are you clear you are not here to manage, demand or control others?
Are you aware how our pushing and punishing interferes with the natural healing process?

When we play our part on the stage of life, we often do not see the whole picture.
When we express what is ours to say and do, we may not realize what is really true.
When we leave the set and our performance, we may not even remember the lines we spoke.
In this as in all things, we need to give to God for the greater Good and trust it is done for Love.

With freedom and trust, we know all things work together for good.
With Loving intention, we realize our part may not be perfect, but Goodness is in our heart.
With a desire to be happy and facilitate others’ happiness, too, we can only choose our way of Joy.
With Peace as our goal, we recognize that we must forgive all “mistakes” to see the Holiness.

Respond to your mistakes with awareness, acknowledgement, forgiveness and listen within.
With affirmation, acceptance and appreciation for the parts we each and all play, you will know Peace.

Loving us, mistakes and all, as we realize, everything has a healing and holy purpose,
Blessed be.
Betty Lue