Friday, September 14, 2012

Giving Is Receiving

When you want to have more love, give everyone more love.
When you want more respect, respect all others more respect.
When you want more appreciation, give more appreciation.
When you to experience more beauty, contribute more beauty.

When we receive what we give, we have.
When we believe that we give away, we lose.
When we appreciate what we give, we have more to give.
When we appreciate what we receive, we have more to appreciate.

Until you practice these truths in your everyday life, you may not believe.
Until you give up mistaken beliefs, this may not seem so easy.
Until we forgive old attitudes and behaviors, this may be misunderstood.
Life is a learning Exploratorium to discover the truths that work.

What you give, you receive.
What you sow, you reap.
What goes around, comes around.
What you do to others, will be done unto you.

When we give ,we are blessed by the opportunity to give.
When we create Good, we are gifted by the Goodness we create.
When we serve another, we participate in what “serves us” = “service”.
When we contribute through thoughts, feelings, words, beliefs, attitudes and behavior is our gift.

When we contribute positive thoughts, happy feelings, affirming words, positive belief and kind attitude and helpful behavior, we experience thought thoughts, feeling, affirmations, beliefs, attitude and behavior for ourselves.
Likewise when we are thinking, feeling, speaking, knowing and  showing, negativity, we experience negativity.
What we give, we receive.
The cost of giving is receiving.

The lesson is to always think, feel, speak and act your Best.
The learning is to turn around negative or toxic stuff with the antidote of the positive or healing stuff.
Consider in every situation and encounter to be the one to heal with your thoughts, feeling, words and behavior.
You are creating and teaching the world around you with every thought , feeling, word and behavior. 

Begin by giving to yourself to prime the pump and get the positive flow going.
Begin by loving respecting, trusting and appreciating your Self.
Begin by fully listening to, understanding and choosing only what is best for you.
Begin by living true to your values and honoring the calling of your heart.

When you have primed the pump and are overflowing, nothing you give will be a loss.
Everything you do will be a joy and encouragement to keep on living Love and gratitude.

Life is for Giving and You Are the Gift.
Betty Lue