Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holy Pretenders

This reminder was written in response to someone who inquired about this phrase “holy pretender”.
Use what reminders resonate with you and please let go of everything that does not fit.
Life serves a smorgasbord.  We are only to eat that which is easy to digest and what nourishes us.

Are you trying to be perfect and/or holy?
Are your struggling to look good, sound good and be good?
Do you believe you can “fake it until you make it”?
Do you compare yourself with people who seem “perfect”?

We all are holy pretenders.
Sometimes I have referred to us, as “Holiness in human costumes”.
This is an aspect of the journey back to our healed state of Wholeness and Holiness.
Part of our journey to remembering and living our Highest Truth is to admire, emulate, pretend and act.

When we are children, we pretend to be “grownup” as a way to realize how to be an adult.
We play house and doctor and beauty shop and Mommy.
As children of God, we play at being Holy or God-like.
We create ways to fly and heal and speak and hear and see everywhere using technology.

We wear costumes and say words we have heard and act the part we see.
We try to cover-up mistakes, so we won’t be punished.
We try to be good so we won’t get in trouble with our “parents”.
We often pretend and practice in order to learn how to be that which we admire.

In this world, everything is “made up” as we pretend to be and do what we think is “good” and “right”.
We achieve and accumulate much in the beginning of life and undo and let go at the end of life.
This is a common experience with everyone I have yet met on this earth plane, no matter who they are.

While we are here, we can benefit in using absolutely everything for learning, healing and good.
When I acknowledge (confess) all my “mis-takes” and “missed-understanding”, I begin the process of bringing it all to God and Goodness for Holy ( wholly) healing purposes.  
Everyone is blessed by bankruptcy, near death, infidelity, divorce, self pity, fear and foolishness, when I remember to give my whole life to God for healing and Holy purposes.

We are all the same, you and I.  
We are in this together.
There is no difference between us in Truth because we are One in God.
When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
When we learn, we are all learning together.
When we awaken, we quicken the awakening of all.
Not one is left behind or left out of our transformation and enlightenment.

On this earth we have different paths, beliefs, perceptions, gifts and ways to express.
This seems to be our “destiny” or the spiritual plan for awakening us to the Truth of our Being.
Holy pretending seems to be a way of getting us to awaken to where we are all going together.
We can be attached to perfection or the right or Holy way to be……. 
Or we can be free to be whatever we choose and let it all be used for healing and wholeness.
We all are going to remember Love and return to wholeness and Holiness.

Some fake it until they make it.
Some try out letting it all go.
Some follow a teaching and/or teacher.
Some go for diversity and shift according to the situation.

I don’t know what is good for you.
I simply share what I hear. 
I do not know what anyone needs to hear.
I know only what I am called to say which is always a reminder for me first.
(If the message is going to be fully heard, it must be received by the messenger first.)

I am listening to me and hopefully I am listening to you..(my intention).
Please take no offense from anything I share.  
Forgive me my errors for anyone at anytime. 
Know I am loving you as well, as I know how to love me.
Thanks for inviting me to learn and listen and respond with greater awareness. 
Betty Lue