Monday, July 23, 2012

Safety, Security and Stability

(Note: Mercury in retrograde=Uncertainty in communications, technology, travel, scheduling.)

What we want begins within.
What we see comes from what we think.
What we fear is lack of control.
What we know is we want peace.

When we hold thoughts of Goodness, we translate what we perceive into something Good.
When we need to make things work our way, we judge what is not our way to be bad.
When we notice what is not working, we can choose to forgive our judgments and choose again.
When we are upset, angry, frustrated, it is usually because we fear something is wrong.

My safety comes from learning to have no defenses or pretenses.
My security comes from remembering who I am and why I am.
My stability comes from trusting in the principles I live by.
My certainty comes from knowing “This too shall pass” and All Is Well.

As I watch the ever-growing changes in our world, I wonder what is my part.
As I hear the cries of revolution and freedom calling, I say “Yes” only for the Good.
As I recognize the hunger for wisdom, hope and fearless leadership, I know we are to share.
As I encourage the ones who come to me to be whole and happy and free, I am at peace with what is.

When each one of us plays our part fearlessly, we are saying YES.
When you and I are listening within to freedom’s song, we know exactly what to do and where to be.
When we seek to express wisdom, hope and fearlessness, we are leading the way.
When we encourage to all to be themselves, we are creating peace and good will on Earth.

Yes, change is happening as we find our rightful place.
Yes, things change and the call is not the same as it was, even yesterday.
Yes, we can be flexible and adapt to what is ours to do and say.
Yes, we are the demonstration of what is to be when we live our part naturally.

I am safe when I am where I am called to be.
I am secure when I live my life effortlessly.
I am stabile when I flow with what is around me.
I  am at peace when I am listening and following the voice within.

Life is a choice that I make each day I am here.
Love is the voice with which I speak to each one who appears.
Joy is the song I choose to sing as I give my best to everything.
Gratitude is the experience I continue to have when I enjoy the blessings of all I give.

I love my life and life loves me.
When I remember to enjoy everything I live with glee.
Isn’t it fun to rhyme what is true.
That’s why I am sometimes called “True B’Lue”

Loving you, 

Betty Lue
When things are messy, complicated or confusing, what do you do?