Sunday, June 03, 2012

Where Do You Live?

Do you love where you live?
Does your home, your community, your lifestyle love You?
Often we stay where we are planted, even when it no longer fits our needs.
We get comfortable with the familiar and never ask if it is best for us.

Do you want to have more natural beauty around you?
Do you want to live where the air is cleaner and water fresher?
Do you want to be safer and simpler in your way of living?
Do you want less hassle and expense and more recreation and relaxation?

When we get stuck, it is usually because we cannot imagine making changes.
When we feel lost, it may be the road changed direction and we kept going.
When we feel down, it may be we are not happy with where we are.
When we feel scared, it may be that we simply didn’t make new choices, when the situation changed.

Sometimes we stay in a home that needs too much time, money and energy.
Sometimes we stay in a relationship because we are dependent or attached.
Sometimes we stay in a job, because we are too afraid to seek other work.
Sometimes we stay in a community because we are afraid of seeking another.

We usually know when it is time to make a change.
We usually have excuses for not doing what it takes.
We usually make up it is impossible or difficult.
We usually fear making a mistake and not being able to undo it.

What are your excuses for not moving on when it is time?
What are your reasons for denying yourself?
What are your fears for deceiving yourself with distractions?
What are your compensations for living in the past and neglecting your future? 

When we begin to support the original choice that was chosen to support us, we are mistaken.
When we use distractions, temporary fixes, excuses and blames to pacify ourselves, we are in denial.
When we neglect to take a good look at what is, and fail to listen within, we are forsaking ourselves.
When we are complaining, critical and cranky about our lives, we are stuck in self pity and victimization.

What does it take to get up and move?
What can you do to change what currently is?
What are you open and willing to consider to make your life better?
How are you going to motivate your self to choose and commit to what you really want and know is best?

You deserve the best.
What is best for you is best for others.
You can only give you best, when you live where and what and how is best for YOU!
So let’s just do it.

Loving in doing whatever it takes to get you life back!!
Betty Lue

Here is one of many many possibilities!  
Make your ideal list and go for it!
Inviting you to visit (or move to) Hidden Valley Lake, CA

Robert and I have chosen Hidden Valley Lake as our primary residence.
We have a guest house, Hermitage, for individuals, couples, families and retreat guests.
We live across the street in our Reunion Lake House.
We just opened the Positive Living Center on Hwy #29 to serve the greater community.

See  and for pictures and info. 

We spend 3 days/week renting a small apartment one block from Reunion Center in Pleasant Hill.
We serve at Brentwood Unity Center for Inspired Living and Pleasant Hill Reunion Center. 
Both are non profit and have many programs and practitioners utilizing the space.

Some Benefits of Living in Hidden Valley Lake, California
Beautiful drive….approximately two hours from the Bay Area.
Environmentally conscious, quiet, gated community with a diversity of residents.
Small spring-fed clean lake, boat dock and ramp, stocked with fish, two beaches for swimming. (only slow quiet boats)
Golf course, tennis courts, campground, club house, stables, restaurant, small shopping center.
Recreational activities, clubs and social events planned by the home owners association.
Quality maintenance of roads and public spaces by HOA with low monthly dues.
Beautiful setting with river and creeks, lake, mountains and awesome views.
Lots of natural wildlife, deer, raccoons, birds galore, even some wild pigs along the highway.
Lake County has the cleanest air in the state, due to no industry or major highways.
Hot summers and cool winters, minimal or no snowfall. Zone 9. Cools down every evening.
Lots of sunshine all year round. Great for vegetable gardens.
Hardester grocery stores have great fresh produce and natural foods.  
Small town feeling in Middletown 7 minutes away and Clear Lake about 20 minutes away. 
Oakland Airport  2 hr. 10 min. 102 miles and Sacramento Airport 1hr. 54 min 105 miles.
Rents from $900-$1200 and housing for sale from $65K-$400K on the lakefront. 

For Sales: Lorrie Me Murray at 707-987-1932  For rentals Julianne Schisler at 707-987-1937.
Email: Lorrie at                        

Plus: We live here and would love to have you join this quiet and happy community.
We are organically building spiritual or inspired community here in Hidden Valley Lake, CA.
With gratitude, love and respect, Betty Lue Lieber and Robert Waldon

For more info, feel free to contact me.