Saturday, June 09, 2012

How Are You Reminded?

When we hang on to the old mind, trying to remember what used to be, we are stuck.
When we are attached to the memories of suffering and loss, we feel depressed.
When we are giving our allegiance to the world we see, we believe we are our bodies.
When we need to defend ourselves against disease, error and evil, we will fear.

To be renewed in mind is to let go of what the world thinks and open to a new way of seeing.
To remember is to realize we are all interconnected, parts of the same whole and at One.
To realize the Truth is to realign with a Higher Truth, the Truth of Oneness and Love.
To realign with Higher Power, God and all Good, we must forgive (erase) with Love and blessing.

And so it is that this world is here as our healing and holy reminder.
I am not a body. I am free.  I am as God (Love, Perfection) created me….whole and happy and free.
When I forget this, I feel imperfect, unhappy, limited, separate and afraid.
When I remember, I experience perfection, joy, limitlessness, connected and in Love.

Yes, every relationship is a healing encounter. 
I can choose to judge the body, the personality, the problems or I can see the beauty and perfection.
Every body experience can be a wakeup call for me to realize I have a body to communicate Love.
Every issue, problem and conflict can remind me to connect with Source and trust the Truth within.

We are not our body. 
We have a body to give Love, Peace, Compassion. Gratitude and Joy.
We are not our emotions.
We have emotions to show us when we have forgotten to love and are called to forgive.
We are not our thoughts.
We have thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, to be cleared with forgiveness.
We are not the part we play in our movie, our own worldly illusion.
We have this world experience to remind us to return to love by forgiving all that is not Love.

I am reminded by everyone to Love.
I am reminded by all that I fear to return to Love.
I am reminded by everything I judge to forgive.
I am reminded by all disturbances and upset to return to inner Peace.
I am reminded by the parts I play to remember I am here to Love.
I am reminded to spend time practicing remembering everyday.
I am reminded to step away from the world I see to claim my real identity.
I am reminded to let the illusion be and bring myself home by Loving Me.
I am reminded everything I see is really a part of me and so I remember to Love.

Loving you and loving me as I Love the True Reality,
Betty Lue