Friday, December 09, 2011

What Are You Giving?

This day and everyday, look at what and how you give.
It is in giving that we receive.
It is with giving that we teach.
It is in giving ourselves that we recognize our gifts.

Some are raised to believe they deserve to receive.
Some are taught they should not receive.
Some are shown that it is better to “get”.
Some believe that you will be used if you give freely.

The most powerful place to be is giving always and only the best you have.
The most creative experience you can have is to give what you want.
The most healing position is to bless everyone with forgiveness and love.
The most Godly choice is to give only what is a blessing to everyone everywhere.

When we give, give with Joy and joy is what we receive.
When we serve, serve with Gratitude and Gratitude is our gift.
When we create, create only Good and Goodness is the outcome.
When we teach, teach only Love and our world will be loving.

Some new ways to look at the holiday season of shopping and presents and giving:Shop when and where you can enjoy yourself with right amount of shoppers, customer service and prices.
Spend only as much as you have budgeted and no more.  Under budget is best with cash only and no cards.
Buy what you know will be appreciated for those who will value what you give.
Give gifts when and where it will be respectfully unwrapped and appreciated.
Choose a separate occasion to celebrate with less confusion and overwhelm. 
We are celebrating on 27th.
Let everyone know if you want no presents.  We haven’t received gifts for 20 years or so.
We prefer to give only to the grandchildren
We prefer to have all gifts come from Santa.
(Santa is everyone who gives with Love and Joy.)
We help the children write their own letters to Santa, so we know what they really want.
Keep giving simple, sane and happy.
Remember you can always make a little book of services to give to your family members.
You can also find treasures at thrift stores for those with little money and big ideas.

Remember, everything given with Love is a Gift of Love.
It is the Love that is real and lasting.
It is the joy with which the gift is given that is the blessing.
It is the appreciation we have in being together with Love that is the True Spirit of Giving.

Loving us all as we give,
Betty Lue