Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Choosing to cooperate with myself means that is allow the flow of time and space and energy to support me in all I say and do.  To cooperate with others, means that when I am in the flow with each moment, I can be in the flow with All That Is.  There is so much we can do when there is no resistance.

When we say YES to Love, all things work together for Good.
When we say MAYBE, we set up a constriction on our flow and the Good we give and receive.
When we say NO, we dam and damn the flow, with resistance and often fear and judgment.
As we learn to undo our blocks to Love, we begin to receive the abundance of All Good.

Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves.
When we forgive all blocks to Trust and Freedom, we open ourselves to Universal Love and Goodness.
There is no harm in stepping away to solitude and quiet to find inner peace and happy willingness.
The is only benefit ,when we bless ourselves with freedom from the pain of conflict and resistance.

Consider how you can cooperate and join with yourself, your life choices, your inner voice.
Consider the possibility of keeping your agreements with your True Self.
Consider giving your Best to yourself in thought, word and activity, food, friendship and finances.
Consider taking nothing personally and allowing yourself to be an instrument of healing and blessing.

What could you do today to give your Self to Love and Loving?
What could you do to share only your happiness and appreciation with others?
What could you give that would be a gift to everyone and to yourself?
What could you receive that would lift up and inspire your to life on purpose with all life?

It is natural to Love.
The work is to clear the fear.
It is safe, fun and easy to share Joy.
It requires forgiving the ways you have brought yourself pain.

Life is a teaching and learning opportunity.
Don’t waste it on complaining, blaming and resisting.
Forgive and move on to the next lesson.
Remembering to Love is our soul purpose in being here.

Loving you always and in all ways as we teach and learn with and from one another,
Betty Lue

Enlightened thought for the day:
When a raindrop falls into the ocean   it   does not cease to exist, it becomes one with the  ocean.  Only when we cling to personal identity do we fear death.  When we realize that we have always been and will always be one with the universe, there is nothing left to fear.