Sunday, October 30, 2011

True Identity

Are You a Saint or sinner?
Are You a Spiritual Being or human doing?
Are You an Immortal Spirit or mortal body?
Are You Sovereign or a victim of the world you see?

Is this a temporary illusion or dream?
Are we really going home?
Is it possible to know God?
Can we live in heaven here?

Do you ask yourself why you are here?
Do you take time to listen within?
Are you connecting with Source, the Infinite, Creator of All That Is?
Do you believe in God, Higher Power, Infinite Intelligence, Unconditional Love?

Some believe this is a dream of our own creation.
Some believe this is hell until we do good works to get to heaven.
Some believe this is all and when we’re done, the game is over.
Some believe we are in school learning to be good.

So what do you believe?
Does it matter to you?
Are you focused on getting pleasure?
Or being rich and famous?
Are you trying to stay young or thin or gorgeous?
Are you here to let it all go and just enjoy the ride?
Are you playing the part of a loyal friend, gentle lover, strong wise one, or weak and needy victim ?
Do you believe you will come back again and again until you get it right?

So many questions for the curious.
Who am I really?
What lies behind this holy mask?
Who was I in past lifetimes?

Or does it really matter?
Love created you as Love for the purpose of Loving.
Our only function is to clear all blocks to Love.
So let us forgive everything that isn’t the Love we want.

You get to decide or choose what works for you.
When you change your mind, just choose again.
You will find your own answers lie in your choice of what to believe.
So believe and live what you desire.
I choose Love.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue