Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Give To Those Who Give

When we give to those who give, there is so much more for everyone.
When we serve that which serves, there is abundant service for All.
When we enjoy what brings us Joy, there is so much more laughter in our world.
When we seek and follow deLight, we find Enlightenment and Wisdom on our path.

I praise the Good and God in all I see and where I be.
I thank my body for its loyal service to my function here.
I offer peace to my mind that willingly listens to the Inner Voice for Love.
I extend Love to everyone I think of and who thinks of me with blessings of gratitude.

To open the flow of forgiveness and generosity:
If you are upset, express, forgive and release.
If you are stuck, do something meaningful for someone.
If you are lost, look for the Light on your way.
If you are confused, choose to be happy.
If you are afraid, relax with reassurance for your inner  child.
If you are lonely, befriend someone who is lonely, too.
If you are hurting, soothe your pain with tender care.
If you are resentful, forgive all our ignorance.

Give loving thoughts to yourself.
Clean up your self judgment and negative messages.
Release the hurt and confusion of the past.
Give energy only to what brings your joy and inner peace.

Give full appreciation to what is of value to you.
Be open-minded only for that which teaches lessons of Love.
Be responsible and able to respond to whatever comes your way.
Treat everyone with the respect and kindness you wish for yourself.

Appreciate your giving.
Remember the child in you that loves to give.
Look around for what you have that calls to be given.
Use everything you have for the Good of All.

Time, Money, Talents and Energy are our resources.
When we use them all for the Good of All, we feel Abundant.
When we share what we have, we are replenished with more to give.
When we say “Yes” to all requests which we can serve without sacrifice, we are blessed.
Choices we have made for most of the last 30 years: (we have learned through experience.)
  • We have a minimal budget for expenditures. (Because we personally have what we need.)
  • We tithe over 50% of our time and money…meaning we volunteer and share what we have.
  • Our income has stayed the same for the last 15-20 years.
  • We use everything we have or give it away.
  • We serve where we are called.
  • We moved many times to care for each of our parents in their last years and our grandchildren.
  • We eat simply organic whole grains, vegetables and fruits, prepared at home with no eating out.
  • We use all of our household furnishings in our centers, retreat homes and our town home.
  • We celebrate our lives daily with gratitude, respect for one another and all we have and give.

Life is fun, safe and easy, when you live in joy and gratitude.
Listen to your inner voice, your happy heart and open mind.
Follow the path of inner peace and happiness and you will prosper.
Give to what gives your inspiration, fulfillment and joy.

Loving you, 
Betty Lue