Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Prayer?

An email prayer circle is being formed by me and now has over 35 folks included.  
Do you want to join us?
You can request prayer or join in praying for others’ prayer requests.
We will be sending forms of prayer everyday for those who want some new or more effective ideas.

Why Prayer?

I do not pretend to be an expert or practitioner or offer traditional prayer treatment.
However, I see you and everyone whole, happy and free, as your are created to be.
I know that when two or more are joined in a vision, affirmation or truth, it is created.
I recognize that love, joy, abundance and wholeness are our natural state.

I have learned that all prayer is about the pray-er, the one offering a prayer, being clear in their vision.
Many forms of prayer exist and are for the level of spiritual awareness of the Prayer practitioner.

When we practice the prayer of supplication coming from neediness, we are picturing the problem.
When we join with the reality or form of the problem, we maintain its existence and help it stay.
When we join a higher view of goodness, wholeness and true prosperity, we lift the clouds of unconsciousness and stuckness.
We open the door to everything is possible…..if we only believe,…..if we only live as if…..if we only trust….if we only are willing to see things differently.
Often I see the origin of “prayer” as coming from the act of “praiser”.  
To pray is to praise for the blessings that already are.

When I live and give from a place of pity or sympathy, I am agreeing with the impotence and victimization of myself and others.
When I pray that an external God or Divine Entity intercedes for me, I am denying my own capacity to envision and co-create change.  We can and do pray without having a religion or faith.
In denying the power of anything other than what I agree to, I affirm my own power to forgive, to undo, to delete and erase, what is no longer valuable and true for me.

There is a place for all forms of prayer.
There is a spiritual healing and growth process that occurs for us all.
As we begin to take responsibility for the world we see, we can choose to feel guilt or blame.
We can complain and hope that things will change OR we can be the change we want to see.

The Ho o pono pono healing comes from the practitioner healing their own mind.
A Course in Miracles says “All healing comes from inner peace.”
I know “Healing is seeing beneath the apparency and recognizing the wholeness and Holiness within.”
I recognize that each one of us finds our own path to healing and seeing things differently.

However you “pray”, think or affirm with Love and respect in your heart, you are offering a blessing.
Whenever you “pray” with a desire to benefit all, you are doing Good for yourself and others.
Whatever you do in “prayer” with the intention of Goodness for all, you are serving us all.
The ways you give and live with a conscious inspired mind and loving heart, you are benefitting humanity.

When we join in seeking a “better way” for all of us, we are joined in prayer.
We let it be and so it is.
Loving you, loving you and me and all humanity,
Betty Lue
How do you pray?  
Share with me and I will send it to our email prayer circle.