Sunday, September 04, 2011

What Do You Believe?

What you believe you live.
What you believe you see.
What you believe is what you trust.
What you believe guides your life.

Are you believing the media or what is in your heart?
Are you believing what others say or do you believe in what is true for you?
Are you believing the worst possibilities or do you believe in the highest outcomes.
Are you believing emotional outbursts are personal attacks or are they a call for love?

Do you believe in arguing or do you believe in negotiation and harmonious discussion?
Do you believe in drama or do you believe in peace and tranquility?
Do you believe in the economic disaster or do you see this as a time to conserve and simplify?
Do you believe in evil, punishment and sin, or do you believe in Goodness, forgiveness and learning?

The drama in our lives is often what we choose to believe because egos seek stimulation and fear.
The challenges we endure can be seen as karmic punishment or a wakeup call to learn and choose again.
We can escape from the world of lack and limitation by choosing to focus on plenty and freedom.
We can listen within to the Love within us and choose to believe in the Highest and more helpful ourcome.

How do we change our minds?
How do we adjust our attitudes?
How can we change our perceptions?
How can we undo our fear and destructive habits?

You can listen to the music of the creek, the wind in the trees and the song of the birds.
Or you can “hate” the sound of sirens and traffic.
You can see all that is wrong with everyone and everything, including you ……
Or you can open your eyes to the miracle of life and choose to appreciate, admire, respect and Love.

Every moment we make a choice.

When we believe in Good, we choose to see the Good.
Every thought is creative.

When we believe in opportunity and positive Possibilities to be helpful and of service, we choose Love.

We tend to believe what we have been taught.

We can erase beliefs that hurt and scare us.
We can undo what is not the Truth we choose to guide us.
We can change the perceptions we hold of others.
We can forgive ourselves and choose again

Today I choose to believe in Love.
Today I choose to forgive all fear.
Today I choose to seek and perceive the Good, the Love.
Today I choose to respond with hope and faith and Love, wherever there is a call for Love.

Loving you,  

Betty Lue