Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Is Coming

Are you feeling Spring?
Are you complete with what was?
Do you feel gratitude for the past?
Have you conserved energy this winter?
Do you have a clear vision of what you want next?
Are ready to plant a new crop, a new future, a new life?

There is a natural rhythm to life that calls us to choose to follow the path of least resistance.
Yet, the human species has learned to go against the tide and make things happen in our own timing.
We cause natural resistance and challenge ourselves by trying to conquer and overcome what is.
We appear determined make things difficult, dangerous and super serious. (not fun, safe and easy!)

There is a time and a season for everything.
When we are sensitive to the timing, we know when and how to respond to whatever comes our way.
When we listen to our inner knowing, we know how and when to plant our garden, our life vision.
When we honor our inner voice, we know what we need to do to be successful and happy.

Now is the time to vision.
What is my life’s purpose?
What am I to plant for this year, this time in my life?
Where am I to go?  What am I to do? What Am I to say?  And to whom?

When we have not been grateful, because we hold resentment, we are not finished.
When we cannot see the blessings and the learning, because we are stuck in righteousness and holding our position, we carry our past with us.
When we are trying to prove something, seek approval or defend ourselves, we limit our possibilities.
When we judge and criticize and blame, we will waste the energy of visioning and creating.

Finish what is left undone and haunting you.
Complete what was by being willing to find the blessing in it all.
Conserve your energy by letting go of worry, resentment, fear and anger.
Vision what you want to create and experience in your life.

Take the time to free yourself to be able and willing to flow with what is.
Life offers us opportunities to complete, to create, to begin again, to live in Love.
We are the ones who choose how to keep ourselves in spiritual condition to be free to respond.
We can claim a life that is flowing with joy, trust and peace (fun, safe and easy).

I am loving and honoring how we learn together when we reveal what is true for us.
I am appreciating how good life can be when we listen within and follow our guidance.
I am enjoying the blessing of our lives when we live and love everything and everyone.
I am loving you and me and all life with trust and freedom, knowing Good and only Good is our Call.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue