Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Full Days

What do you do when life is full?
Do you get grouchy and tired?
Do you stop and breathe in energy?
Do you remember to be grateful?

What do you do when life is chanllenging?
Do you stop, look and listen?
Do you give yourself time outs?
Do you say a little prayer for guidance?

What do you do when life is a gold mine?
Do you take just what you need?
Do you share with those around you?
Do you give thanks and really enjoy the moment?

What do you do when you are amazed and amused?
Do you let yourself really appreciate the moment?
Do you take it all in with laughter and joy?
Do you deeply appreciate all of life’s gifts?

What do you do when there is a change in direction?
Do you adapt with patience and trust?
Do you ask and follow intuition and inner guidance?
Do you let yourself be curious and interested in what’s next?

What do you do when you are confused and conflicted?
Do you let yourself know that you don’t know?
Do you wait for clarity and focus?
Do you allow yourself to be still and open?

What do you do when you are lost and uncertain?
Do you be gentle with yourself as a loving parent with a child?
Do you be reassuring and kind in your inner thoughts?
Do you take the time to simply assess where you are?

Wherever you are and whatever you do, life is a learning and listening opportunity for you.
Wherever you go and whomever you are with, life is an experience of healing and gifts.
Whenever you remember to listen inside, you will hear your inner voice be happy with pride.
However you live and whatever you give, your life is an example of how the world can live.

We are a family of friends, spiritual companions on a journey together.
We are here to awaken and remind one another of what might be a better way to go.
We are gifts to our world, volunteers in service to healing and creating a new world.
We can let the past go, and live fully in the present, preparing the way for future generations.

Thank you for your willingness to join with me in this journey of Love,
Betty Lue