Friday, January 29, 2010

Values Differences

What people value tells you what choices they will make.
What choices people make tell you their values.
What we value is what we want in our lives.
What we value most determines where we put out time, energy and money.

When there is a difference in values with another, there will be difficulty in communication.
Where there are values differences, there will be misunderstandings and misperceptions.
To recognize differences before they cause conflict and misunderstand is a key to harmony.
To become aware of the difference, one must first be aware of their own true values.

To live in integrity is to live and practice the values one espouses publically.
Often people say they value one thing, but neglect that value in daily life.
Or sometime people believe they are valuing something, but have learn to live in conflict and doubt.
Taking the time to observe, question and actively live your values is a key to fulfillment and happiness.

Some questions to ask yourself:
Do you value giving or getting more?
Do you give to “get” something?  If so, what do you want to “get” in return?
What is most valued for your to give?
What do you want most to “get”?  From your family, from your work, from your life?

What is the most important resource you have?
How do you want most to spend that resource?
What is the most valued possession at this time in your life?
How do you demonstrate that you value this possession?

What are the three most important experience  of  your life?
How do you treat (show you value) those experiences?
Are you aware of how you are different from others?
How do you show your values’ differences?

What do you hope will always be there for you as a trusted support and source of security?
What do you want to know you will always have to be able to live happily and safely?
What do you believe you need to do with your life to have your values be met consistently?
Who holds similar values to you and what are their most important values?

Who are those with whom you share your deepest values and most heart felt concerns?
If they were asked what you value most, what would they say?
How do you deny or ignore what you value most?
What could you do to better live and support your most important values?

Those who live and walk in integrity will be powerful, happy and fulfilled.
Blessings of Love, 

Betty Lue

I honor values differences.
Our values determine our life path, our learning and growth, our healing and contributions.
Clarify your own values and then change your choices and lifestyle accordingly.
You need not explain, justify or convince others to make the changes to come into greater integrity.
You need but simply choose for what is highest and best for you.