Sunday, January 17, 2010

Loving You Offers Lasting Happiness, Power and Peace

Do you understand that loving yourself without conditions offers everything you want
Do you know what when you are filling to forgive yourself for everything you are content
Do you realize that only you deny yourself everything you want?
Can you imagine how your life will be different when you know, trust and love yourself?

Yes, Loving the Truth in you is the key to Realizing God’s Goodness in You.
Recognizing the spiritual wisdom within when you listen allows you to trust your inner guidance.
Respecting your inner visions, values and ideas is essential to owning your true power.
Treating your home, your work, your family and your body with impeccable care honors You.

To Love yourself perfectly offers true and lasting Joy
To Love your Self with respect releases all limitations to your power.
Loving your whole and Holy Self with profound trust, respect and gratitude releases your Peace.
When there is true and unconditional Love for the One You Are, you are free to Love All.

Loving yourself is the key to truly unconditionally forgiving and loving all others.
When we see life through the lens of Perfect Love, we can see and know God in All.

Take the time to consciously and consistently love yourself everyday in everyway.
Use your time in the best way to love you.
Spend your money in ways that bless your life.
Give your energy and resources in ways that fulfill your Holy Purpose.

To release the God Presence and Power in you, you must take impeccable care of the sacred YOU!
To understand how much you are loved by God, you must realize what is truly loving You!
To know the One You Are and to realize all your natural gifts, you must give yourself generously!
To own your light and your life is to shine brightly with full confidence, enthusiasm and pure Love

Ah! Sweet Bliss.
There is so much here on earth in form that is naturally healing our misunderstanding.
There are so many who come to show us the way and yet some still resist accepting their Good.
There are infinite opportunities to Give All to All and really receive All in the Giving.

Life is a choice.
We each volunteer.
We are here to remember.
Loving the Piece of God we are is our goal.

When we come to know, to trust and to appreciate the Piece of God We are, we experience Heaven.
Right here, right now, we can be willing to accept the greatest Joy and Peace here on earth.
Take this moment to be willing to Love You, really come to know You and trust You.
You are Good.  You are precious.  You are Divine.

Loving you really Good!
Betty Lue