Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Re-Connection with YOU!

Connection or Reunion is our healing work.
To open our hearts and minds to extending peace to everyone is the call.
To honor  each one’s journey and trust we are all living the best we know.
To trust that there is a purpose for everything which we will see when we stop judging.

Judgment is a sign of fear.  Fear is the call for Love.
Fear comes from our believing we are victims or believing we are powerless.
When we know that Goodness and God is on our side, we can trust again.
Only Love and Goodness prevail.

Transmission Problems Solved?
For almost eleven years, I have been writing and sending out these Loving Reminders to those who requested them.
There are 12 lists with nearly 100 people on each list.
It is my joy and part of my spiritual practice to sit at my computer and listen within for the voice of Spirit.

The last time many people received my daily Loving Reminders was on November 23.
I had made no changes in my practice of sending and yet, they stopped being received.
There was no indication that this had happened and so I was unaware until this past Tuesday, Dec. 1.
We are still researching the problem and looking for alternative ways of sending this material to the hundreds of folks who rely on these messages.

It looks like it may have to do with the signature or my picture or someone has been “fishing” using my email address??
Sometimes individuals have a spam block on their personal computer.
Sometimes Comcast was refusing to send out bulk mail, however we now have a business acct which allows lists of less than 100.
Sometimes  we didn’t know, but Comcast would correct the problem.
Hopefully we have found a fun, safe and easy solution and I can continue as usual.

Update on Us
I continue to be co-Director at Center for Conscious Living  in Pleasant Hill, where we have many holistic practitioners (hypnotherapy, Pilates, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, life coaching, spiritual healing massage therapy, spiritual direction, counseling, ministry, practical spirituality, Miracles and Messages, Creative Living and Principle-Centered Relationship classes and more.)
Center for Conscious Living, 140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200 in Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Robert and I are co-ministers and spiritual leaders for Unity Center for Inspired Living in Brentwood, CA.
 We offer Sunday Services, Fellowship, monthly workshops and weekly classes, spiritual cinema, monthly family potlucks and community outreach and giving.
Our Center for Inspired Living is utilized by the community for its holistic health presentors, classes, counseling and spiritual healing, bookstore and library.
Unity Center for Inspired Living, 50 Sand Creek Rd. Suite 140, Brentwood, CA 94513.

Robert and I have just moved into the Reunion Lake House, a spiritual retreat home for those who seek time and space for remember Love and returning to wholeness and Holiness. It is available to be used by us, our families and spiritual family….those who seek a place to be in Love and Joy.
It is located at Hidden Valley Lake, CA and can be reached by calling or emailing us.

Our primary residence continues to be in Rio Vista which is the address of Reunion Ministries, 104 Riviera Dr, Rio Vista, CA 94571.
We are 40 minutes from Pleasant Hill Center and 35 minutes from Brentwood Unity Center.
We are 75 minutes from grandchildren in Petaluma and in Alameda.
We are two hours from the Reunion Lake House.
Please know you can connect with us via email or our 800-919-2392 phone voicemail.

You can receive my loving reminders by going to the website at anytime.

 Loving you, 

Betty Lue