Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Order and Cleanliness

Is your house tidy?
Is your life in order?
Is your mind clean of clutter?
Is your purpose free of distraction?

Yes, it all follows, one after the other.
Cleanliness is next to godliness.” tells a truth which will work for you.
When you have your affairs, clean, clear and in order, your consciousness is more focused.
You will find you are less distracted, detoured, delayed and derailed by extraneous stuff.

Those who choose a life focused on God and Goodness will live a very simple even monastic life.
Simplify your eating habits and your will eat better with more consciousness.
Simplify your bill paying and your will pay your bills in a timely and respectful manner.
Simplify your relationships and you will give your best to those whom you encounter.

When you are overwhelmed by life’s complexity, you are being invited to simplify.
When you are upset by mistakes and forgetfulness, you are put on notice to organize.
When you are embarrassed by a disorderly living and work space, you are called to bring order.
When you are disgusted by the sights and smells of your closet, bathroom or home, clean up.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, ask for help from those who enjoy cleaning and organizing.
Begin with a drawer or a closet.
Give yourself one or two house a day.
Reward yourself with something fun and healthy.

If you have a desk or work space, take 10 minutes to prepare it before you get to work.
Notice how much more inviting to work and how much more you get done.
Clear the counters, clean the refrigerator, do the dishes before your prepare a meal.
Notice how much more enjoyable both cooking and eating become with a clean kitchen.

Our homes are a reflection of our consciousness.
When we carry the worries, fears and debris in our minds, our home will be filled with the same.
When we have doubts, judgments and confusion about our work priorities, our office will show it.
When we live in an impeccable environment, we are reminded of how much we care for ourselves.

Give yourself a tidy car that you feel good about driving.
Give yourself a clean kitchen that you feel good about cooking in.
Give yourself an organized work space in which you feel good about doing work.
Give yourself a beautiful bedroom in which you feel satisfied for each day and can easily rest.

It all works together for good, when we are willing to do the work.
If you have falsely learned work is hard and bad and not enjoyable, forgive those teachings.
If you avoided cleaning, because it’s an area of resistance from childhood, forgive your immaturity.
If you are just too confused and resistant, hire help and learn from them how to keep it going.

You will notice a difference in how you think, how you feel, how you create and how you care.
Loving you in loving you,
Betty Lue