Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are You Positive and Optimistic?

Are you forgiving?
Do you erase the past?
Are you seeing only the Good?
Do you see with a critical eye?

Positive = Seeing the best.
Negative = Seeing the worst.
Neutral = Seeing What Is.

What will it take for you to know your belief makes it so?
If you believe there is bad, you will see it to be right.
If you believe in only good, you will see it in order to be right.
If you simply want to see what is, you know you are see through filters of your cultural imprinting.

It is most important to recognize you intention in seeing.
I want to be happy and in love.
Therefore, I choose to see what brings me happiness, freedom and trust.
I want to be helpful.
Therefore, I choose to look for places, people and ways I can be of service.
I want to enjoy and celebrate life.
Therefore, I look for places, people and opportunities to see and celebrate what I enjoy.
I want to remember and create beauty, wholeness and Goodness.
Therefore, I create opportunities to create beauty, wholeness, holiness and Good in my world.

What do you want to see?
What do you seek?
What is your intention?
What do you want your experience to be?
What is the outcome you desire?

Do you wish to eradicate evil from your world?
You will see evil to eradicate.
Do you wish to end suffering?
You will find suffering to end.
Do you wish to alleviate hunger?
You will see hunger in your world.
Do you want to be happy?
You will see the places where you are unhappy.
Do you want to love everyone?
You will find those you do not yet love.

We can turn it around by choosing again for what we really want.
Reframe your quest to see what is.
Request the best way to serve your intention.
Renew your life purpose to align with your highest desire.

Choosing again for what I really intend to see.
Responding with the best in me.
Betty Lue