Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Everything I Do For You!

Know you are blessed by every blessing everywhere.
While it may not be for you personally, all good deeds are for everyone!
Everything I do for anyone, I do for you!
Everything you do for anyone, you do for me!

When I take good care of me, I do it for You.
When I am a happy grandma, I do it for You.
When I remember to Love without fear, I do it for You.
When I love my home, my work and my life, I do it for You.

To transform the planet with a Spirit of Love, I need to Love being here.
To awaken all people to the Spirit of Peace, I need to be peaceful.
To enjoy the abundant life we have together, I need to be grateful.
To remind my world of responsible creation, I need to appreciate my creations.

Life is a game where we all can win.
Love is a Truth we all need to learn.
Peace is a Gift we all must share.
Gratitude is our path to get us there.

There is a song we all can sing.
Only when we live it fully will be remember.
In our remembering, we come together in peace.
In our forgiving, peace with freedom and trust can be reached.

You are my playmates, my soul-mates and friends.
You are the dreamers, the teachers, the ones who pretend.
Together we are making a difference with each word and each deed.
As one, we wake up and remember only Love is our creed.

So let’s dance together, sing our songs of good cheer.
Let’s do for each other what we all claim to be dear.
Let us remember what we do for one other, we do for all.
Let us unite in forgiving, teaching only Love is our call.

We can do it.
We are doing it.
Simply one at a time.
See the gift in each person.
See the blessing in this rhyme.

You are my gift as I am a gift to you.
You are my teacher, my healer, my Self.
When I love you and you love me.
We are all joyously and simply free to be.

I am loving you, yes, YOU!
Betty Lue