Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trust Is the Issue

Who and what can you trust?
Where do you go when you need help or advice?
What is the issue you want to resolve?
Can you trust yourself to know what is best for you?

When you have a financial issue, seek knowledge, competence, clarity and understanding.
When you have an emotional issue, seek patience, understanding, knowledge and clarity.
When you have a relationship issue, seek knowledge, skill, understanding and education.
When you have a work-relationship issue, seek information, education, understanding and support.

No matter what the issue, you want basically the same kind of help.
You want knowledge and wisdom, skill and competency, confidence and assurance, understanding and support.
One who is knowledgeable about emotions and relationships may not have the knowledge to deal with financial issues.
One who is adept in communication skills may not have expertise in work related issues.

The most important need is to trust yourself to choose the “right” person for you.
The “right” person means the one you can trust to have your best interests at heart.
The “right” person must not only be knowledgeable and wise, but have the skill and caring to understand your unique situation.
The “right” person must be willing to know you, trust you and respect you.
The “right” person must be exemplary and model their understanding within their own life.

How do you know who to trust, who to choose?
Ask questions about their life and their background.
Listen to their responses to find and feel their truth, their beliefs, their background, their knowledge, their understanding and their limitations.
Recognize that in your neediness you may trust someone who cannot give your what you need.
In your urgency you may give power to those who do not know you or have your interests at heart.

  • So stop and listen within.
  • Seek the feeling of connection and caring.
  • Look for modeling and life success.
  • Find the resonance between yourself and the other.

Some questions to ask yourself about who you choose to trust:
Does this person care about me and my issue?
Do they have my best interests at heart?
Are they resourceful in seeking options and alternative solutions?
Do they have the understanding of my dillema and what my needs might be?
Have I given them all I know so that they can better serve my needs?
If I want knowledge and education, do they know and will they teach me?
If I want understanding and support, will they listen and be patient?
If I want creative solutions, options and possibilities, will they be resourceful and share ideas?
If I want inspiration and motivation, will they give me the tools and assign tasks to keep me moving?
Can I count on them to not quit or be lazy or distracted in their helpfulness?
Can I trust this helper to give me the best they have at all times?

When you want help for any problem, issue and uncertainty, go to an expert who cares and shares freely.
When you want help, seek someone you can trust is living the truth they speak.
When you want help, honor your intuition and inner knowing with what fits and resonates with you.
When you want help, be confident in your ability to discern what is “right” for you.

You deserve the very best.
Undo what is not best for you.
Believe you can have what you really want and deserve.
Seek until you find.

Loving and blessing you in making the right and best choices for you!
Betty Lue